Nicolaus III Aurelix
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Castle Silvermoon


5 Morning Star 3E 419



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1.87 Meters

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Chronological and political information

Third Era, Fourth Era

  • King of Cyrodiil
  • Lord Aurelix
  • Leader of Free People of Tamriel
  • Baron of Silvermoon
  • Protector of Tamriel
  • Commander of the Free Legion

Nicolaus III Aurelix was a male Imperial soldier, and the King of Kingdom of Cyrodiil and a Leader of the Free People of Tamriel. During the Oblivion Crisis he received training as Blade in the Cloud Ruler Temple. After years of training he left Cyrodiil and the Blades to travell around Tamriel. He bacame the Commander-in-Chief of Rebellion against Empire of Kvatch and led the Legion against the Empire in Tamriel during the rise of the Empire.


Nicolaus III Aurelix was born in the year 3E 419. His father was a Imperial Commander named Nicolaus II Aurelix, his mother was a noble woman named Isabella of Colovia. He was born in the cold island of Solstheim though he didn't live there long as his family moved to Castle Aurelix soon after hi was born. Nicolaus III was like his father, from a young age he started to show interest in combat, exspecially sword combat and archery. Everyday he played and trained with the soldiers of the Castle and practiced archery together with his younger sister. His father was rarely present due to him being the Commander of Imperial Legion and Nicolaus seeked fatherly guidance from the guards of the castle. On his 14th birthday he joined the Imperial Legion to be more with his father but little did he know what adventures it would take him.

Oblivion CrisisEdit

Training as BladeEdit

Nicolaus III had only been two months in the Legion when Emperor Uriel Septim was assassinated. His father knowing that Nicolaus III was in the Legion sent him to the Cloud Ruler Temple to be trained as a Blade. He went trough though training and for years he was seperated from his family. During his time in Cloud Ruler Temple he briefly met Martin Septim. Nicolaus III spent the whole Oblivion Crisis in training and was only present when Bruma was attacked. After the death of Martin Septim and the formation of the Republic of Tamriel Nicolaus started to feel that the army was not the place for him. He continued his training until his 21th birtday in 4E 7 when he decided that he was not going to be like his father. He left the Cloud Ruler Temple to travel around Tamriel as a free man.

Archer of SilvermoonEdit

Nicolaus III took the alias of Nicolaus Silvermoon. This name came from the Castle Silvermoon that was going to be his home. He had left the castle to his sister. Nicolaus didn't want any part in the life of a noble man and his father. He travelled to Solstheim only armed with Dai-Katana, bow and arrows. Wearing only an incomplete set of Blade armour.

Empire of Kvatch eraEdit

Nicolaus III returned to Cyrodiil after he received news about his fathers death in 4E 17. He quickly noticed that Cyrodiil wasn't the same. Empire of Kvatch had over thrown the Republic and was now starting a conquest all across Cyrodiil.

Rise of RebellionEdit

Year after returning back to Cyrodiil and taking back the title of Baron of Silvermoon and the name Lord Nicolaus III Aurelix, Nicolaus was contacted by several people who didn't like the new Empire of Kvatch and it's leaders. He agreed to meet with them in Castle Aurelix and listen to their proposition. They explained that they had been establishing an armed uprising against the invading Kvatch armies but they were lacking leaders. When they had learned that Nicolaus had returned to Cyrodiil they felt that he was the only one who could lead them to victory. Nicolaus didn't support them at first but when they told it was the men of Kvatch who killed his father, his mind was changed.

Truth about the EmpireEdit

First victory in ElsweyrEdit

Nicolaus III marched to Elsweyr with over 10,000 men. His forces joined with the armies of Elsweyr, which made the whole force to have 20,000 men, twice as many that Kvatch had.


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