Nessanna Stacker
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The Serpent


Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Cheydinhal

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Nessanna was the second born daughter and one of the two 'third born' twins of Imperial Guard Captain Korvan StackerII and Mages Guild Magician Jade Mara-Stacker. She would stray from the family values bringing them to honor and become an assassin. She has been suspected of being the Dark Brotherhood member who killed both of her parents.


Family HistoryEdit

Nessanna was born to Jade and Korvan Stacker II along with her elder brother, Torfas, elder sister Ofilia, twin-brother Korvan III and younger brother Elisre.

Early YearsEdit

Captain Korvan II and Jade started training their children at young ages, setting up targets for spells and marksmanship. While other members in the family were excelling, Nessanna was with her brother Elisre learning invisibility Illusion spells or going away from Elisre even to learn a little Mysticism. The rest of the time she spent training with her family she was learning Marksmanship skills, moderate short blade and dagger skills, and then put the rest of her focus on agility and learning to sneak with Elisre. To those two, the game of sneak was often played both against each other and against their parents and some of the guard. A few times Nessanna was caught in a guard tower while Elisre was hiding in the shadows. The secret that has always been kept between Nessanna and Elisre was that Elisre saved her from being raped and Nessanna killed the guard/would-be rapist with her dagger before they escaped the scene virtually unscathed and ultimately unknown for their involvement. Nessanna disappeared from home only a few months later.

Family DeathsEdit

Nessanna was distraught by the attempted rape and eventually fled home without even informing Elisre. She was considered the first to die in the family, followed by her parents confirmed deaths years later. Torfas would later be found dead nearby dead Marauders outside Bruma. Nessanna was the only member of the family to have never been confirmed dead.

Later LifeEdit

Korvan III would claim, many years later, that he not only saw Nessanna in Cheydinhal, but was also attacked by her. Another possible sighting was when Ofilia claimed to have seen her during a raid on a Dark Brotherhood cell escaping with a man in a black hooded robe.

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