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Natalia NorthwindEdit



Early lifeEdit

Natalia Northwind was born on the year 4E 171 daughter to two minor Nord nobles living in the city of Bruma, Cyrodiil. Unfortunately only just after her birth, her father left to fight in the Great War against the Dominion, joining the imperial legion and dying in the siege of Skaven. Her mother fell to grief when the war finally ended as the list of dead was announced in the city. With her mother in grief over the loss of her father the small fortune that they had begun to fade and Natalia at an early age had to fend for herself. She learnt basic street smarts wandering Bruma begging for money to support her family and in what little time she had with her mother was spent learning politics’ and the ways of the dying Empire.  

At the age of fifteen her mother passed away, and stricken with grief Natalia left Bruma for good never laying eyes on the city again. She made her way to Chorral with naught but the clothes on her back and a small dagger that was given to her and a present before her mother’s death. The journey to Chorral was a hard one, she was haunted by wolves at night and tired by day and she begun doubting her existence and why all of this was forced upon her. Eventually somewhere in the great forest she collapsed unconscious from exhaustion.

Fortunately for her, she was found. A nobleman from Chorrol heading to the imperial city pitied her in this state and picked her off the ground riding to the nearest Inn. Eventually the nobleman found one and payed for them both for the night taking care of the young Natalia and helping her back to health. When she awoke, he asked that she tell her story as compensation for saving her, so Natalia did so reluctantly.

As her tale was told, realization passed over the man’s face and he told her his name was Cassius, a friend of her father during the Great War. Cassius felt he owed to poor girl as her father lost his life saving him when the imperial army begun its retreat. He explained this to her, and offered to take her under his wing, to give Natalia food to eat and a roof to live under. Natalia accepted, thinking this was her only chance at getting back on her two feet, and headed with Cassius to the Imperial City.

As it turned out, Cassius was actually a member of the Elder Council, shedding some steam from the endless politics by wandering the forests near Chorral alone. It was lucky that he did so, because if he did not Natalia realized she would be dead by now. For that she was grateful to the noble, but little did she realize that he was also grateful for finding her.

The journey continued without a hitch and they soon came to the sight of the Imperial City. Natalia was at once amazed at what she was seeing. The shining White-Gold tower that loomed far into the sky, the ancient Alyeid architecture, and the glistening waters of Lake Rumare. However when they entered the city the two were met with a different story, far from the cities previous majesty. The streets where full to the brim with beggars and the road was covered in filth. The building where scarred by signs of war, and it was evident that the people had taken no mood to protect them. It was made clear to Natalia that the empire was in a sorry state with not enough resources to recover from the Great War.                 

The Imperial City   Edit

Cassius then took her to his house, in the nobler side of the city, where the streets where clean and most of the houses rebuilt to their former glory. She was then introduced to Cassius’s house, and met with his two sons whom were about her age. Natalia, through the next few weeks made quick friends with these two, often getting into mischief as she showed them her skill learnt from living in the streets.  She also became a fast friend with Cassius himself, as she, from her mother, knew much of the political structure of the empire. The talked on how the empire had lost its glory since the Oblivion crisis, and often spoke on how it should be improved.        

Eventually, after a few months, Cassius decided to take Natalia to the Elder council as a scribe. She took great delight in this new task, bringing messages to numerous nobles and completing minor tasks for Cassius and his allies in the council. However, this caught the notice of Cassius’s most stanch opponent, Vlanius Kato. He like a few others sought the downfall of Cassius, and used Natalia as a front for this. However, he underestimated Natalias prowess of tongue, and was embarrassed in front of the elder council. He swore revenge on this young girl, and sought more darker means to get rid of both her and Cassius.

A few weeks later, as both Cassius and Natalia approached the white gold tower, the where beset by a small mob, protesting against the empire. The where subsequently dragged from their horses and thrown into the sewers, as they were both in the elder council. Unable to get out of the sewers the way they came, Cassius decided that they would both have to find another way to get out. However, Vlanius Kato suddenly appeared in the room they were in with a paler then normal face. It didn’t take long for Natalia and Cassius to realise he was actually a vampire, and as such they drew whatever weapons they had. Vlanius only laughed at this threat, and attacked Cassius with full fury, killing him after but a few blows. He then turned to Natalia, whom he had a special punishment in store for her. He knocked the dagger out of Natalia’s hand and bit her on the neck. She then, as Vlanius drank on her blood, fell unconscious.    

Natalia awoke many hours later in this sewer, and without a clear way out she became lost in its depths. She wandered around the endless tunnels for days, trying to find a way out, as the curse now bestowed on her begun to affect her. Eventually, she found her way out, beaten and battered hungry from the lack of food. However, she was too late, when she stepped out into the sunlight she felt as if she was burning, the transformation was complete, she was a vampire.

Life as a Vampire

Within minutes of her emerging from the imperial sewers, a hunger set in. Not a hunger for food or drink, but one for blood. Natalia, not wanting to give into this resisted this hunger, and started to move as far away from civilisation as possible, heading eastward. This new journey was long and hard; bandits roamed freely over Cyrodiil as the imperial legion did not maintain a force to suppress them. This meant this journey was even harder, as Natalia had to keep off the road, and venture into the wild. As she continued, this hunger gnawed at her, voices in her head begun to tell her ‘just one drop’ ‘You only need a sip’. She did her best to ignore this, but that, and the unbearable light from the sun begun to drive her mad.

Eventually, Natalia found herself in front of a cave. She entered it for shelter as rain from the heavens begun to pour upon her. A great many things happened within that cave. Natalia contemplated on her life, and how miserable it had been through the years. But despite her curse, and the raving hunger that lingered within her, she saw hope. Hope in curing herself, and starting a new life. With her goals set, Natalia left the cave, and journeyed northwards towards the province of Skyrim.

This new journey, like before, was long and hard. But, in the light of things, Natalia had determination. Determination that would carry her past the border, and into the province of Skyrim through the mountains. From there, she stole a heavy cloak from a huntsman sleeping in the night, and wandered in the village of Falkreath. Natalia, hidden in her heavy cloak to hide her curse, went to one of the inns in Falkreath, and asked about daedra worship. She was lucky, as one of the many patrons told her about a cult dedicated to the worship of Morlag Bal, hidden somewhere in the mountains west of Solitude. Natalia thanked the man whom had told her this, and made her way to leave the inn, to head to this cult. However, a drunk patron knocked into her before she left, sending her sprawling to the ground, revealing her true self to the many people in the inn. 

When everyone saw what she really was, their first reaction was anger, anger at that fact they had all been tricked by her. In this anger, the many patrons of the inn begun to attack her, beating down poor Natalia with their fists. At this, Natalia could take it no longer, her rage became too much, and without thinking she begun to use dark magic in order to protect herself. The man that had helped her fell to the ground, and at the realization at what she had done,  Natalia ran out of the inn followed by an angry mob.  

In tears of what she had done, Natalia ran northwards, in hopes of finding this shrine the patron mentioned. She wanted to cure herself, and do good in this world full of evil, but first she had to be rid of this taint. After many days of travel, she eventually came to the gates of Solitude. However, she did not go in. She was afraid of what would happen if they saw her, and so she headed west, into the mountains.    

Cult of Morlag Bal

Journey to AtmoraEdit


Queen of AtmoraEdit

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War against ShadowsEdit




She is an excellent leader and adventurer. She has always been skilled in working with people and persuading them to do something right



The parts on being a Vampire is roughly based on one of my charaters in Skyrim