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Nalis Hailstrum
Biographical and chronological information









Date of birth

4E 164

Physical traits and magical qualities



Skin color

Light brown/tan

Eye color


Hair color

Light brown


The Thief


Blessing of Kynareth

Stone blessing

The Shadow Stone

Learned shouts

Aura Whisper

Possessions and social status





Leather Armor set


Horn of the Hunter's Guild


The Dovahkiin


Dragon Crisis
Battle of the Raining Arrows


Nalis Hailstrum or better known by his alias Ryder is a Bosmer archer who claimed to be the best archer in Skyrim. Former leader of the now-defunct Hunter's Guild, he became friends with the Dovahkiin, and fought alongside him on numerous occasions.


Not much is known about Nalis' early life during birth. Abandoned in Rorikstead, Nalis was adopted and raised by local Nord parents. His father was a professional archer and a former soldier for the Imperial Legion.

When Thalmor soldiers began targeting Rorikstead as part of a broader effort to attack human cities and settlements, he feared for the lives of his neighbors. During these dark times, he dedicated himself to defending Rorikstead as a marksman, alongside his father. Despite his unorthodox style of combat, he earned respect from even the most doubtful local Nords during these conflicts. At the age of 15, Nalis left his home and ventured out into the world. His timing was impeccable, for two days after he left, a child was born who would become a hero for the masses: the Dovahkiin.

Time as a hunterEdit

Nalis soon left and headed north towards Morthal. In this time, he ran into a group of hunters. He decided to join them in their search for a great hunt. He soon became the greatest bowman of their group, becoming their leader in less than a few years.

By the time the future Dragonborn returned to Skyrim and was imprisoned in Helgen, Nalis was the leader of the Hunter's Guild, the largest affiliation of hunters in Skyrim. As soon as Alduin resurrected the first few Dragons, ambitious members of the guild were being slaughtered all across Skyrim in hopeless Dragon hunts. After one Dragon struck close to home, Nalis gathered the remaining members at the headquaters and set out into battle with the Dragon.

That dragon however was an Elder Dragon. The remaining 75 hunters were wiped out, and Nalis was saved only by the Dovahkiin. The Dovahkiin slayed the dragon, and(To Nalis' amazement) absorbed his soul. Nalis swore loyalty to the Dovahkiin, and together they set out to find the source of these dragons.

Nalis, however, introduced himself as Ryder, an alias he acquired when he was still a junior hunter. He just asked one favor of the Dovahkiin; to help obtain a hunting legend: the Bow of the Hunt. The Dovahkiin, also a former hunter, knew of this bow and decided to join him on his quest.

Meeting the GreybeardsEdit

The Dovahkiin, however, had to return the the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, so Nalis followed him to High Hrothgar.

Master Arngeir welcomed Nalis and sought to teach him the Way of the Voice. Though Nalis declined, saying that he was an archer, Argeir was able to teach Nalis one shout; Aura Whisper.

Arngeir went to train this young Wood Elf about the shout. However, it seemed so natural to Nalis, as he easily learned the first two words of the shout within a few hours practice. The third word, however, took him half an hour, to Arngeir's astonishment.

Hunting the Bow of the HuntEdit

The Dragonborn and Nalis left after a night's stay on High Hrothgar. Together they encountered many dangers, including a few more dragons. When the duo reached the Bow of the Hunt, there was a problem. The bow itself was guarded by another Elder Dragon. This one turned out to be the first Elder Dragon's kin, and recognized the Dragonborn. It took the Dragonborn and flew of, with the bow on the dragon's tail.

Nalis took the Horn of the Hunter's Guild, an Ancient Nord relic and symbol of the old Hunter's Guild, and blew into it. There were still over two hundred Hunters left in Skyrim, and when they heard the call of the Horn (for the ancient design of the horn was able to let the horn be heard from Whiterun to Solitude), they rushed to the call of their leader.

The Elder Dragon, meanwhile, had the Dragonborn locked in deadly battle, and the Dragonborn was slowly losing. As the great Elder Dragon lifted his tail for the coup de grâce, the Hunters fired their arrows at the point the dragon was.

The arrows blocked the sky as they fell upon the Dragon. The Dragon withstood the arrows,flew out to slaughter those who would interrupt his duel. The archers let their second round of arrows fly, and still the Dragon descended on them. When all seemed lost, and the result would end like the last dragon hunt, the sky darkened and thunder struck the dragon multiple times. it was as if nature itself was on the Hunters side. In reality, however, the Dragonborn had found the Word Wall of Heimverlund (and within it, the Word of Power "Strun") earlier, and had decided to test it now, as a last-ditch-effort to protect Ryder.

The dragon seemed weak, so Nalis ordered a third round of arrows. This proved to be fatal to the Dragon, as it finally fell to the arrows. The Dragonborn came out of the cave, and saw the mass numbers of hunters. He immediately pressed "Ryder" for the truth.

So Nalis Hailstrum told the Dragonborn the truth of how he was the leader of the former Hunter's Guild. The Dragonborn was more than understanding, and asked if he would be able to join. Nalis, however had other plans. He ended the Hunter Guild, until the end of the dragons and Skyrim was free once more. He then joined the Dragonborn as they left for other adventures.

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