Mutens were creatures of dark magicka who acted as guardians. Many Mutens served at Skull Mountain, under the rule of the Necromancer Lord, Anorb, at Skull Mountain. These lumpy, misshapen beasts were named Mutens by the Argonians, which simply meaned monsters. Argonian legends suggested that they were baked out of clay and brought to life by Anorb, or were warped and disfigured Imperials or Nords whom he changed with magicka. Later, they were summoned by the Red Wraith Cult to guard their fortress, Mordas. They had a vaguely Nedic appearance, but had dark skin, dead eyes, and were incredibly resilient. The Mutens survived the fall of Anorb and his necromantic order, and continued to reside within the Skull Mountains in Black Marsh. They became some of the most feared and hated enemies of the Dunmer who had to pass through the Skull Mountains to acquire Argonian slaves. Treacherous Argonian warlords of the Third Era used Mutens as shock troops against the Imperial Legion of the Septim Empire.

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