The Mismer (Light Elves) are a Race of Mythical elves in The Elder Scrolls Universe.

Not much is known of them, but that they had Grayish-Yellowish Skin, pointed ears, primarily Black or Brown haristyles, and pointed feet. They are said to be the brother of the Dwemer, until the Dwemer killed them all off for "Cheating".

The Mismer are named Light Elves because their light on their feet, and are good at Blacksmithing and Lockpicking. The Mismer are almost copies of the Dwemer, as they built vast above ground cites, (The Dwemer do Underground) and follow the same way of building but without Dwarven Spheres, Centerion, and spiders, and the noises and pipes everywhere. The Mismen Favor ,Orange, and the sun, and so instead of the patterned yellow Dwemer doors, their Orange doors and pipes, that have the Picture of Sunset on them (Main doors), and Just Orange doors (Secondary Doors).


The Mismen werent very known, they had few civilizations, mostly in Cyrodil, Hammerfell, Skyrim, High Rock and Morrowind, Though their Ruins are completley Gone, because the Dwemer Destroyed them after their extinction. The Mismen went extinct because the Dwemer thought they cheated off them because of their way of building, and creations, so since Mismen lived so close to their "Big Brother" Race (Dwemer) Citys, the Dwemer saw that the Mismer were peacefull, and didnt curse Snow Elves, and Create Deadly Machines, but helped the Snow Elves, and Created World Changing devices, So in the Great Extinction Night of "1E 102", 20 years before the Dwemer dissapeared, the Dwemer Slaughtered and burned down their ruins al night and sent troops from every Dwarven City to the Closest Mismer City, and burnt their ruins, litteraly, to Ash, making the Mismer Extinct, though one Mismer Still lived, who was a reasercher, was in a Mountain nearby in a cave hidden in the catacombs of it, never was discovered. (Mismer tend to stay close to home). The Man was soon found to of been "Liked" By the 8 divines, who gave him eternal life, like they did the last Dwemer. Since then, he has Been the Known Mismer alive.

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