Lion captian

Captian Miher Pier

 Captian Miher Pier is the top Lion Guard in the First Daggerfall Covenant.


He was born into the order in 2E853 no one knows how he died some say hes still alive. He spent his spare time training for High Rocks protection. He fought in The Crossing War and gained his fame for killing General Manti Pitus.


  • The Crossing War 2E890-2E894
    • General Manti Pitus (imperial legion)
    • Legate Mofrus (imperial legion)
    • Emperor Tiber Septim (imperial emperor)
  • Post War 2E894-4E171
    • Sir Amiel Lannus (knight of the nine)
    • Haymon Camoran (breton king)
    • General Pitus IV (imperial legion)
    • General Vikunian (imperial legion)
  • The Great War 4E171-4E175
    • General Vitcustus (imperial legion)
    • Legate Montamius (imperial legion)
    • Noble Fracus (elder council)
    • Commander Tolitius (penitus oculatus)
    • Justicier Franton (aldmeri dominion)
  • Skyrim Civil War 4E201-4E202
    • Legate Hadvar (imperial legion)
    • General Tullius (imperial legion)
    • Yarl Ulfric (stormcloak)
    • Galmore Stone-Fist (stormcloak)
  • The Mede Uprising 4E425-4E431

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