Markis Hawkwood
Biographical and chronological information

Given name:

Markis Hawkwood


The Wolf of Tamriel

Family name:



Cyrodiil (Formerly) Skrim (currently)




3rd of the Last Seed, 170




4th Era

Physical traits and magical qualities





Hair color:


Eye color:


Skin color:



Steel sword (Primary)

Steel dagger (Secondary)

Ebony bow (Range)


Fully sleeved fur armor, leather boots, gloves and a amulet of Talos.

Societal status and affiliations




Kara Hawkwood (Nee Greywind)


Arya Hawkwood




The Hounds of Tamriel

“As I claim the sacred title, I, Markis Hawkwood, am the Wolf of Tamriel. Men will become prey and may Hircine watch me. May Hircine watch us. Hircine, give me strength. ”
―Markis claiming the Wolf of Tamriel title oath.

Markis Hawkwood is an adventurer and currently the "Wolf of Tamriel." by Jackalex13 (Talk) (Contrib) 14:37, August 30, 2012 (UTC)Jackalex13


Markis Hawkwood was born on the 3rd of the Last Seed, 170 in the Imperial City. His father, Bolaf Hawkwood was a former Legionnaire of the Imperial Legion and Markis's mother was a Bard. Markis was taught how to be a "proper Nord" by his father which includes weapons training, fist fighting and crafting armor and weapons. Markis traced his lineage where his legendary ancestor, Tiberius Hawkwood fought in the Oblivion Crisis and was known as the Hero Of Kvatch. In his youth, Markis was discriminated by Nord children due to having Elf blood. However, he becomes friends with 2 outsiders. A Bosmer named Colbin and a Nord named Kara. When Markis was around 10 years old, his father was imprisoned by the Thalmor after he was witnessed murdering a Thalmor Justicar who was forcing a young Altmer teenager to join the Thalmor. Bolaf was executed the next day, causing Markis to fill his rage towards the Aldmeri Dominion and the Thalmor. Sadly, Markis's mother died the week after. The cause of death was poison and Markis assumed it was an assassination. With no other family left, Markis became a mercenary and Kara and Colbin joined him in his adventures. 


12 years later, Markis travels to Skyrim with Kara after the death of Colbin who was killed from a Thalmor ambush. At night, Markis and Kara reached Skyrim, only to be confronted by a group of bandits. When one of the bandits points his dagger towards Markis's chest, Markis kicks the bandit's knee and shoves the dagger towards the bandit's chest, killing him and initiating the fight. Markis and Kara easily defeated the bandits but the leader was not killed. Instead, the leader turned into a werewolf and pounced onto Markis, biting him and scratching Kara on the arm. Luckily, an arrow pierced through the leader's head from nowhere and Markis, on the brink of death, witnesses a figure healing him but passed out during the healing process. 

Hours later, Markis wakes up to find himself in a bedroom with a dog sleeping beside him. Later, an old man appears and brought Markis a tray of food. The old man asks if Markis feels any pain. Markis says no and asks if a woman is in his home. The old man nods and states she is resting.


Markis is brave, confident, serious, adventurous and a friendly person but harbors a burning hatred towards the Aldmeri Dominion for being responsible for his parents's death. However, Markis is extremely caring to his friends and family and when they are placed in danger, he would do his best to make sure they are safe. 

Tumblr lzpcaoloiV1qd8x4to1 500

Markis with his daughter, Arya.

After claiming the "Wolf of Tamriel" title, Markis became dedicated to his role and his beliefs. 


Markis is described as muscular, heavy build with a medium height, yellow eyes, pale and brown hair. When he was in Cyrodiil, he had long hair and a beard with a few scars on his left face. Around the time he was in Skyrim, he looks different, he had shorter hair and a full beard. As of being half-Bosmer, he has slightly pointed ears. In his later years, Markis would sport a green face-paint that resembles a claw. 

As a werewolf, Markis has black/grey-ish fur, pure yellow eyes, razor sharp teeth and claws but still retains his scars on his face.


Markis wears a fully sleaved fur armor, leather boots, gloves and a amulet of Talos. In snow-filled areas, he wears a brown hood. 

For combat, Markis primarily wields a steel sword and when dual-wielding, a steel dagger. He also uses a wooden bow in long range combat and infiltration but in his later adventures, he uses an Ebony bow. 


Being of mixed-blood of Nord and Bosmer, Markis is a skilled warrior. He is an expert sword fighter and archer as well as skilled in the arts of crafting weapons and armor and the use of shields and heavy weapons such as axes and hammers. He is also adept at pick-locking, sneaking and stealing and is naturally resistant to the cold in Skyrim.


Having Imperial and Nordic ancestry, Markis traced his lineage to the time where his original ancestor was one of the 500 Companions. During the 3rd Era, Markis's legendary ancestor, Tiberius Hawkwood was born. Tiber was a full blooded Imperial with Nordic ancestry. A few years after the Oblivion Crisis, Tiber married a Nord and had a child together but a year later, Tiber mysteriously vanished, leaving only his wife to raise their child. It is revealed that Tiber left his family to fulfill his role as Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness.

Romantic lifeEdit

When Markis was young, he became romantically involved with Kara Greywind who was an old friend of Markis since childhood. Markis deeply cares for her and Kara returns the feelings. Over the years after claiming the Wolf of Tamriel title, Markis marries Kara and together, they have a daughter called Arya who inherits their "gift". 

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