Imperial Legion - Skyrim Era
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Magic and the Dangers

By Sebastian Rauss, former member of the College of Winterhold

Imperial Legate under service of General Beckherr of the Imperial Legion

Written in the Fourth Era, year 198

Chapter One: Basic Overview

Magic is all around us. It pulses in the very soil, sand, stone, tree, plant and liquid we walk pass as we tread across the ground of Nirn. Magicka binds this world and our universe together and has been with us ever since the Gods created us. Ever since the Daedra despised us. This is no philosophical script out of a random book picked from the legendary Arcaneum, this is the reality of Magicka. It is indeed one of the most powerful forces of the universe and some chose to use it to succeed their dark deeds of attempting to, mainly, taking over a certain area and unwittingly rule all of Tamriel. Always remember, Magic is by it's nature, is volatile and dangerous. Unless you can control it, it can and will destroy you...

Of course, you don't want to read a simple script based on the passages of Arch Mage Shalidor and Imperial Battlemage Jagar Tharn. Magic can be controlled by all races and everyone is capable of casting spells. However, there are those who are born to be magicka-sensitive. This wasn't a rare condition and it was very common though however through my knowledge of Tamriel's population, 46 percent of all citizens of Tamriel are magicka-sensitive. Elvenkind, particularly the Altmer and Dumner, have taken over 31 percent of this entire record. This record includes the more rare and race-wise sensitivity citizens of Tamriel have. Allow me to elaborate:

Nords, such as myself, have the potential to use the ancient draconic tongue of the Thu'um though require the utmost intensive training and studying to shout even the most simple Thu'um, such as Fus — meaning Force in Tamrielic. Those who wish to seek to study the Thu'um should enter the fortress of High Hrothgar of the Throat of the World in Skyrim though one does not simply walk into High Hrothgar. The majority of Dragonborns (Dragonborn is a draconic soul within a mortal body and have the inborn ability to shout the thu'um) that have appeared in history have indeed been of Nordic ancestry or simply Nords themselves. Among the Dragonborn heroes include the legendary Talos, who is also known as Tiber Septim, founder of the Empire and only human to ascend to godhood. Being a specialist in the Draconic language, a Dragonborn are called dovahkiin by Dragonkind. They are indeed worthy and noble people whom all shall respect though a Dragonborn has not been seen in eras. Also, possibly related to the ancient language, is a barbaric roar that Nords shout. The force of the roar is so powerful, it is enough to shake the very foundations of the strong Castle Dour. It is said that this roar literally strikes fear into their enemy's hearts and causes them flee in actual terror. I can hear a faint oarr and when I shouted the word myself, I did indeed make every single inhabitant of Solitude run into their homes. Perhaps I shall study the dragons more in depth in the future.
Imperial citizens have all shared a common power that they have but the subject hasn't been studied for years. They call it the 'Voice of the Emperor'. Whether this is related to the Draconic Thu'um or not, simply yelling a single word affects the aggressiveness of their enemy. I suspect this is a distant relative of the Draconic Thu'um but when I experienced this voice, I heard nothing but a distinctive though royal yell. Black magic are also another one of my suspicions. Perhaps this is a sort of traditional blessing given to Imperial children at a young age by a priest at the local Divine Temple is beyond me but for a fact, this power only truly activates when Imperials reach manhood.
Magic and the Dangers

Argonians rarely use their inborn ability to use their unique type of a 'histskin'. From my reports when I was experimenting with my educated Argonian friend Uses-Knowledge-Wisely. This 'histskin' ability gives them a feathery feel around the limbs and wounds seem to heal much faster. A voluntary slash across her leg managed to heal within three days while a normal Argonian healing would take around 3 weeks. I am currently debating with my old colleagues at the College of Winterhold whether or not this is biological or magical cause. The star apprentice Colette Marence also had some part in my research though she was difficult to cope with. This 'histskin' ability definitely had some magical part though my friend biologist Nurelion has explained to me that the changes were indeed biological but how the cells of the Argonian skin heal together is through magical means. I have come to the conclusion that 'histskin' allows Argonians to heal rapidly via magicka and that they are capable of being extersanoic which means strange heal.
Dunmer elves are sophisticated when it concerns the magical fields of reality. Dunmer have developed a now inborn ability to cast spells via their mouths. Even though it is magic and has absolutely no relation to the Draconic tongue, Dunmer were indeed the true masters over magic. This ability seems to have been mastered by all Chimer, ancestors of the Dunmer, during the Merethic Era. They eventually evolved into the Dark Elves and all Dunmer definitely have the potential to use this ability to literally cast an invisible cloak of fire around them and enemies burnt into crisp when entering the field of effect. This ability seems to have evolved along with the Dark Elves as Chimer never managed to cast an invisible field though however it was rumored that when the Daedric Prince of Twilight Azura defiled her Chimer worshippers into dark-skinned and crimson eyed elves, she had made them more physically and mentally aware of the presence of magicka. Through personal experience with some Dunmer colleagues contacting the Daedric Prince, Azura definitely gave them the 'sight of the light' in exchange for their appearance thus proves the fact that Azura had evolved the Chimer as well as their magical awareness because of a noble leader named Dandras. This is interesting as this is a magical evolution by a Daedric Prince. Simply fascinating.
Altmer elves are truly selfish with their magic and take advantage of it in many ways to please themselves or another individual. A ability they so selfishly call 'Highborn' has been 'blessed upon them from the pantheon of Gods due to their superiority over all races'. Because of their intense knowledge of magic does not mean that they are actually superior to all races when it concerns magic. The Dunmer, as stated above, are the most powerful race with magic. I shall speak no more as I truly despise the Altmer and I hope they all rot in Oblivion itself.

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