maar with helmet on

302px-Falmer simple

Maar with out his helmet

Maar a male Dovahkiin falmer, after being thrust into a postion of power, he learned of his Thu`um. Using his postion of power in falmer socetiy, he plans on making tunnels so the falmer may move from cave to cave, so they may attack citys and dragons resting. Preparing to move into a old destroyied city, Maar plans on taking hordes of spiders and training them to be mounts, using the spiders to crawl on city walls and past defenses. His goal for the furture is unknow, but its in the light of skyrim where the hordes of falmer will darken the ground with blood......

Maar haven taken many citys behind the mountains has claimed that region, that are has been now named... Blackreach, named for how the falmer claimed that area from the darkness with clawed hands and..... a booming voice. Maar claimed many souls of dragons, now as powerful as the greybeards he prepares to claim the throat of the world, and slay the greybeards.

The world is shocked as with one whisper the falmer overlord sent all of the greybeards falling to their death.


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