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Lord "Lycan" Zikan Drakon
Biographical information








Physical description





6' 6" (1.98 m)

Hair color

Mane, White

Eye color


Chronological and political information
  • The Mythic Dawn (Master)
“My brothers, the time has come, for change. Watch as the scoundrels cower in their homes, for they know the fury of the Deadra is unstoppable! How can they have hope... hope that they may survive the coming fire!? Their world will burn, and the Mythic Dawn shall strike with a fury that this Universe has never witnessed!!!”


  • Agility: 45
  • Endurance: 75
  • Intelligence: 65
  • Luck: 60
  • Personality: 75
  • Speed: 60
  • Strength: 60
  • Willpower: 65

Early HistoryEdit

Little is known about his early history. What is known will be recorded, however. He grew up amongst an unknown family of royal Altmer in his royal estate at summerset isle. When they died, he inherited their family throne. He has unimaginable respect thought many provinces in Tamriel. He secretly joined the Dark Brotherhood, after robbing the armory at the Imperial City and placing the blame on some random gaurd, and at the time of the First Oblivion Invasion, he became the new Listener, gaining the respect of many within the Dark Brotherhood. When Mankar Camoran was killed, the Mythic Dawn fell into momentary disarray, but Zikan quit the Dark Brotherhood as listener, and quickly re-assembled the Mythic Dawn with his astonishing ability to corrupt those to his whim.

Re-surfacing of the Mythic DawnEdit

Lycan, as he was now known, quickly built up an Empire. The once small cult began to grow, and soon, denizens from all over Tamriel were flocking, and the number one reason was that he had gained the respect from so many, he pretty much had his life planned out in front of him. Not too long afterward, the Mythic Dawn had numbers rivaling that of the Imperial Legion, and outnumbered the Blades nearly 1000 to 1. Lycan knows that the easiest way for the Blades to defeat the new and almighty Mythic Dawn is to assassinate him, and because he knows this, he is going to do everything in his power to prevent this from happening; one way is he is a powerful warrior, and mighty battlemage.



Lycan is physically more powerful than any average Altmer, and even some Orcs. He has trained in an ancient Aylied warrior tradition that focuses mind and spirit into one, and thus, has the ability to increase his abilities ten-fold at will.


Lycan is partly insane. He believes he is not only a descedant from one of the first Aylied Kings known, but also a direct descendant from Mehrunes Dagon himself! In addition, is one of the reasons he intends to exact revenge by crippling and taking over the Imperial Empire, and eventually, all of Tamriel, mainly using the angered Deadric Gods as a weapon, he was the one who personally communicated with them, telling them one of their brethren had fallen, purposefully angering them.


Lycan has a few known very powerful arcane abilities:

  • Wrath of Oblivion: Lycan can cast a whirlwind of Flame from his fingertips, which deals a lot of fire damage and knocks anyone in the blast radius unconscious.
  • Summon Full Deadric Armor: When he is seriously threatened, he can summon a full suit of Deadric Valkynaz armor, which protects him from most magical attacks, and all physical attacks.


He wears an elegant, enchanted robe, which allows him to bend weak-minded persons to his whim.

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