Lunis is a conitenent on Nirn west of Aldmeris and south-west of Yokuda. It is shaped in the style of a crescent and contains six provinces. Lunis in a native language means "moon's rest".

Geography and DemographicsEdit

Dragonstone PlainsEdit

This province of vast plains and mountains is home to the man race Blackguards. They are a highly civilised and religous race who accept all those with similar ethics as their allies. The capital city Sunrise is a gem in the province, far more impressive than Imperial City. Their king, Cladric is a natural born hero and extremely popular with his people. There are 6 holds. Despite being heavily religous towards their own God Seldus, they accept worship of divines in their province.


This depressingly dull province in terms of weather makes the country seem cold, but the inhabitants are warm. The Wedlings, the beast race who inhabit are similar in appearance to ducks have both wings and arms and thus they can fly. Migrants from Skyrim board the ships at the east empire company warehouse and sail to Wedlia in search of a better life. The Wedlings are popluar and well known for housing refugees. They are possibly the only race the Sloads of Thras have ever found time for and the two races are close in alliance for their hospitality to Sloads who have fled to Wedlia from their lives being overrun by the onslaught of the Aldmeri Dominion. It is home to the oldest structure in Lunis and nearly the oldest on Nirn, a stautue of Bleck, the Wedling soldier who first learnt how to kill the giant badgers that inhabit Wedlia. His sword rests on the wooden statue.


This province, unlike the previously mentioned, is a fermentor of evil, hatred and heresy. The Demons who inhabited were created by the Daedra to spawn chaos on the face of Nirn, but the Demons turned against them and thus are bitter rivals of the Dremora and Daedra and created for themselves a God which looks down upon the Daedra, Aedra and Divines. Sheid means "shadow mountains". The Demon inhabitants capture vast numbers of races across the planet and bring them to their captial city Macabre where they turn them into slaves of the Demon Sovereign. The Demons also burn towns and even cities across Nirn to the ground for their chaotic desires. Despite them being the official race of Sheid, it is also home to Sheimer also known as Shadow Elves (which are distinctly different in appearance to other elves) and Falmer, who unlike other races, are actually accepted by the Demons of Sheid who gave them sight. Sheivalk is the tallest volcano on Nirn and at it's foot lies Macabre.


Halflings are the natives of this province. They are friendly towards Wedlings and Blackguards, but they do not like the prescence of more hostile races. They are small beings but their armed force is nurmerous. Their hilly and sparse cities are very attractive and comfortable.


The Gargoyles that inhabit Brimmingdon are fairly neutral and keep to themselves. However, many of them feel they owe their alleigance to the Demons. They managed this by possessing a Wedling army to attack them, and showed themselves killing off the army. The minotaurs that unofficially inhabit also feel compelled to ally with Sheid, as they seem like the 'winning force'.


This region originally officially belonged to the Shepples, a ram like race. But from an island north of the province, now part of Grapga, Cyclopes cross the waters and claimed the province for their own. There is bitter fighting over the cities in Grapga, and many Shepples have suffered. The Cyclopes can be giant sized or slightky bigger than other races. These are known as Pygmy Cyclopes. Most Cyclopes ally themselves with the Demons, but the few that are too stupid to understand alliances are manipulated by the Demons to fight for them. Sherebi are four legged ram like beasts that the Shepples tame.

Provincial Treasures and TitansEdit

Each province has a treasure which is an artefact of great importance. It is a huge crime to take one of these treasures. The treasures are as follows:

Dragonstone Plains - Star of Seldus.

Wedlia - Bleck's Sword.

Chindling - Leaves of the Tree of Harmony.

Brimmingdon - Treaty between Gargoyles and Minotaurs.

Grapga - Skull of the mighty (Cyclopes) Staff of Balance (Shepples).

Sheid - Chalice of Heresy.

Each province also has their own special titan. The titan is a giant being that can be summoned. The war in Lunis rages on, but all believe the summoning of a titan would rile up fighting to such an extent that the whole continent could be wiped out. The most powerful titans are the ones that reside in Sheid and Chindling. The titan of Sheid is the nightmare of every Blackguard. The titans are as follows:

Dragonstone Plains - The Holy Sentinel.

Wedlia - Badara the King of Badgers.

Chindling - The Star Bear.

Brimmingdon - Giant Hybrid (of Gargoyle and Minotaur).

Grapga - The Feared Behemoth (Cyclopes) The Raging Sherebus (Shepples).

Sheid - Domonoth The Lord of Torture.

The Lunis WarEdit

War has broken on Lunis. There are two alliances. The faction who promote civilised ways and good life qualities are an alliance of Dragonstone Plains, Wedlia, Chindling and Grapga (Shepples). The nihilistic faction who would like all others to bow down to them are Sheid, Grapga (Cyclopes) and Brimmingdon.

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