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Lucia the Bloodied
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Lucia was born in 4E 184, 3rd of Heartfire. She was born in Darkwater Crossing to Mariana and Hienhik Brinearm, and she was a famous hunter through her life. She was most known for taming one of the mighty mammoths that she encountered in her youth: this was the first sign that she was fated for something more than mining, it was the start of something greater... 

History Edit

Early lifeEdit

There is not much to say about her infancy other than that she was reared to be a miner, and that she was never told she would be anything greater. In 4E 192 (when Lucia was 8 years of age), Darkwater Crossing was ransacked by Silver-blood mercenaries, and Lucia and her family were forced to move out of the mining village with the other residents. There, they made a camp, and a young Lucia was shown not much kindness and love. The hassles of this event made all the residents on edge - it was a hard time for everyone in the village.

One day, Lucia and her friend, Isabelle Coldblade, were to go and collect any fruits they could find, as supplies were running low. It was then that they were ambushed by a pack of wolves, and Lucia was able to defend the pair by killing all the wolves. Isabelle later went back to camp and told all the miners about the incident. One of the miners, Grelle Sutton, was an adventurer in his youth and decided to train Lucia in heavy-armour, and heavy weaponry. On a chilly Sundas, Grelle chose to go and hunt with Lucia, as he believed she was ready to defend him as he killed elk, as in his past, many mammoths had attempted to kill him during hunts. An hour into their hunt, a mammoth came over, calm, and within half an hour, Lucia had made a friend out of the mammoth and was able to ride it back to the camp.

Everyone thought it was astonishing: a young, 10 year old girl had tamed a wild mammoth - such a feat was unheard of in the village and so Lucia's mother decided to take back the town along with the mammoth.

When Lucia was 11, they had re-taken the town and Lucia's training resumed up until she was 16 and chose to leave the village to seek her destiny. She'd been trained in smithing, weaponry, heavy armour and archery - this young girl was prepared to take on Skyrim, and finally reach out and grab the destiny that she was long due.

Incidents with the EmpireEdit

Lucia found herself in Dragon's Bridge, a place far from Darkwater Crossing, but a good place, with plenty of animals to hunt. Whilst there, she entered an inn and found a Nord, yelling drunkenly at the barman about the Stormcloaks and how the Empire was taking away all the benefits that Skyrim once had. Despite Lucia not being a Nord, she found his ideas riveting and went to him to find out more. 

At first, he refused to speak to her on the terms of her being a Redguard, but eventually he gave in (after several meads), and told her all about the Empire and how he was part of the Stormcloaks, a group of people who sought to eradicate the Empire from their fair and beautiful province of Skyrim.

He told her she could be of use, even though she was a Redguard, and so he took her to a base of the Stormcloaks, and she was told to accompany the Nord she had met (Skros Ironfair) to a group of other Stormcloaks, who would ambush a group of Imperials on their way to Helgen. She accepted and followed them.

It took Lucia and Skros about a week to arrive there, and when they did, they were truly prepared. But the ambush turned back and the Imperials were also prepared, they killed Skros and several of the other Stormcloaks except for one, and Lucia killed at least 8 Imperials whilst in the battle, and she was taken out only when an Imperial Warrior came and dueled her. She was rendered unconscious and when she awoke, she found herself in a carriage without any weapons or armour, and she felt terribly sick. There were numerous Stormcloaks in the carriage with her, and one of them was a Nord she had accompanied during the ambush. She believed it was only a matter of time before she met her doom. 

Shortly after she awaoke, she found herself in Helgen - a place she knew that her ancestors would greet her. She awaited her turn to get off the cart, and when she did, the Imperial's didn't recognise her - she believed it was her quick way out, but she was dreadfully wronog. She was sent to the block along with the other Stormcloaks, and she watched one get beheaded as many people yelled out statements. Then it was her turn.

She made her way to the block and was pushed down onto the wet wood, and she had only moments before her head was taken off - but then she met her savior. A dragon, as black as the night, with razor-sharp scales and a raw fury; in the chaos she accompanied Ralof (one of the Stormcloaks) into a tower, where she made her way alone to Helgen Keep. When there, the Imperials were waiting and so was Ralof - they both urged Lucia to go with them, but Lucia spat at the Imperial and went with Ralof.

She ventured out of Helgen Keep and was told by Ralof to go to Riverwood - a place where Gurder (Ralof's sister) lived, and where she could seek out help. In the end, she waited for Ralof and they both made their way together. On their way, Lucia accepted the blessings of the Warrior Stone - a magickal stone which allowed her to relearn all her skills faster.

Uncovering her destinyEdit

At Riverwood, she was told to tell Jarl Balgruuf the Greater about the new dragon attack as Riverwood was not safe. Cautiously, she proceeded, killing many wolves, a giant, and two elks on the way. She arrived shortly after dusk, and was confronted by guards who refused to let her pass. She simply told them the truth and went to the Jarl. His shock was obvious, and then she was sent upon another quest by the Court-Wizard, Farengar, to retrieve the "Dragonstone".

She travelled to Bleak Falls Barrow where she had been told to locate the Dragonstone, and killed a lot of bandits as well as hundreds of Draugr - nothing a challenge for Lucia who had once been a mighty hunter and killer. It took her a total of two days to locate the Dragonstone in the ruins, and when she did, she learnt something that she didn't entirely know about - it was a "Word of Power", something she had yet to learn of.

Returning the Dragonstone to Farengar, yet another quest arose for the mighty Lucia, she had to meet with the Jarl and Irileth as a dragon had attacked the West Watch Tower - Irileth and Lucia, along with numerous guards, were given the task of slaying the beast. They made their way to the Watch Tower, and saw the beast after they found survivors. They all faught valiently for around an hour and a half, but it was Lucia who returned the final blow - she ran to it with her sword, and landed a crushing hit which killed the wretched creature of dark.

It was then, that she learnt of her true power. Then and there, she absorbed it's very soul, it's power, it's being. The people there began to call Lucia "dragonborn", or "dovahkiin" - a Nordic legend who had the power to steal a dragon's power and shout without training. She shouted, and instantly they knew she was dovahkiin.

Upon returning to Whiterun, she was declared Thane of Whiterun and was held in high respect amongst the Jarl and his court. Her journey was only just beginning...

Helping handEdit

Lucia became quite an asset to many people in the land of Skyrim, she helped many people, and in turn, she found herself loved and adored by many. She killed bandits and retrived priceless artefacts for many people - it wasn't long before the Jarl of Falkreath recognized her. This was when she brought Lakeview Manor - a beautiful steading.