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Lot Drem

Lot Drem an ancient Dwemer outpost and a capital to The New Kingdom of Atmora. This city has been around for thousands of years and being occupant to many but currently to the people of The New Kingdom of Atmora. It is also the seat of the council, place to the reigning monarchs of Atmora and home to many of the kingdoms people.


Dwemer OutpostEdit

Most of Lot Drem’s early history is unknown, but what is known that it was a small outpost constructed by the Dwemer in Atmora sometime before their mysterious disappearance. They dug deep underground to keep warm from the constant snow storms and blizzards and survive Atmoras harsh envionment. The Dwemer then created a crystal, one that could be raised into the sky and get rid of the cold climate Atmora was locked in. However before they could, the events of the battle of Red mountain occurred and the Dwemer disappeared after activating the Numidian leaving the crystal behind uncharged.

Natalia's arrivalEdit

Then more than three thousand seven hundred years pass before Lot Drem is inhabited again, this time by a myriad of people (mostly Nords) seeking a land of peace away from the struggles of Tamriel. They arrived at the city after abandoning their first town after landing on Atmora called Lost Shelter by Natalia, after a storm approaches them. Natalia names it Lot Drem and send's scouts to scout out the ruin, they find somthing that could possibly make Atmora inhabitable again, the crystal .

The War against ShadowsEdit

In the year 217 of the fourth era, Lot Drem was the site of the first battle of the war against shadows and that was known as the siege of Lot Drem. A bloody first confrontation between The New Kingdom of Atmora and the shadows. The siege, sadly after many mouths was a major defeat for the Atmoran’s; Lot Drem was lost and the Atmoran forced into retreat.