Lord Dromethius, Master Ranger, Immortales Council Seat No. 12
Biographical and chronological information
Physical traits and magical qualities





Hair color:

Dark Brown

Eye color:


Societal status and affiliations


Cresthill, Rivet


Loch Dromethius was one of the Master Ranger of Rangers of the Spire and a member of the legendary Council of the Immortales. He was born on a small island off of mainland Cyrodiil called Rivet as the youngest brother (the elder being Ivan Dromethius) to Sven Dromethius. Later, Loch's father was murdered by an assassin of the Black Crown, which was a cult led by Noir DeVante, a Nordic Warlord who sought to take over the entire island of Rivet. Loch swore revenge against Noir and joined the Rangers of the Spire, who followed an opposing warlord of Noir's, the Warlord of Fort Spire. He stayed with the Rangers for five years until they managed to kill Noir. He was promoted to Master Ranger, but then he left the Rangers. Later, he fought against the Altmer raid on Rivet when the Altmer from Summerset Isles wanted to claim Rivet. He was one of the first mortal warriors to fight alongside the Council of Immortales, and in the later years, he was the last warrior to join the Council of Immortales. He lived through to the Tenth Era, when his blessing ended along with the rest of the Immortales.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Not much was known about Loch's early life. He was born as the second son to Sven Dromethius, and younger brother to Ivan Dromethius, in Cresthill, on the island of Rivet.

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