Imperial Legion - Skyrim Era
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By Sebastian Rauss, former member of the College of Winterhold

Imperial Legate under service of General Beckherr of the Imperial Legion

Written in the Fourth Era, year 197

The following are brief descriptions of remaining Blades that have gone into hiding after the Great War. This is the one and only copy of this very book you will ever find as it's for one of my Blade colleagues who goes under the name 'Dolphin'. May Talos guide us as this book shall never be in the hands of Elvenkind.
Achilles of Goldenbrook
Status: Active, High Priority, Capture only
Description: Male, Nord, late 40s
Background: Achilles is a Nord who rose up to power during the Great War. His dedicated his entire life to wipe out the Altmer. Born in the Fourth Era, late 150s, Achilles was active during the last year of the Great War and was simply an excellent Blade on the battlefield. In the last year of the Great War, Achilles was a major participant in the invasion of the Summerset Isles and the destruction of twelve Thalmoric towers and has indeed hurt the Thalmor severely by managing to persuade the leaders of Elsweyr and Argonia to assist in attacking the Thalmor. The friendly races were indeed useful in regaining Valenwood but however out of nowhere the Bosmer inhabitants fought back though we gained a hold in South-East Tamriel. Achilles was a major assassination target for the Thalmor and seems to have been in hiding ever since.
Operational Note: Rumors among the underground Blades community is that Achilles has been hiding in Solstheim though attempts to contact him are limited and are mostly unsuccessful. However, many presumed Werewolf activities in North Morrowind and Solstheim have been repeatedly solved by an unknown vigilante but our undercover Dunmer Blades have it on good account that the size of the slashes on the Werewolves are identical to that of a Blade's sword.
Aela Daedlus
Status: Active, Low Priority, Capture or Kill
Description: Female, Nord, early 40s
Background: Aela was fairly young for her age and was one of those children that were determined to get information from Thalmor informants within Cyrodiil and Skyrim. She was fairly mature and perfect for most investigatory missions. She was definitely like a non-vampire incarnate of the fabled Babette. Occasionally she was responsible for the torture of a few captured elves and has been known to brutally kill them to the point that even the Blade superiors were intrigued.
Operational Note: Aela is definitely in Whiterun Hold, Skyrim. Due to Jarl Balgruuf's law that High Elves are to be removed immediately from Whiterun and often kill them on sight, she is difficult to trace down as she is now a member of Ysgramor's legendary Companions. She has become a skilled warrior but through remembering accounts on personal raids of strongholds held by the supernatural hunting bandit group the Silver Hand, Aela along with a few of the Companions, are alleged Werewolves. If found, approach with caution. Also, Aela now goes by Aela the Huntress legally and she will deny any past involvement with the Blades.
Bassinus Lvaru
Status: Inactive, Low Priority, Kill-On-Sight
Description: Male, Dunmer, late 60s
Background: Bassinus was among the most wisest of Blades. A former grandmaster, he had a variety of stratagems against the Thalmor but never actually used them. He's probably not the best swordsman but his skill in magic is unmatched and comparable to Savos Aren of the College of Winterhold. It's best that contact isn't made as Bassinus has had some experience with the dreaded realm of Oblivion. He's been to Coldharbour, Deadlands, Ashpit, Quagmire and Apocrypha and is indeed a master in the field of Conjuration. Formerly a Daedric investigator working as an agent within Morrowind as a Vigilant of Stendarr, Bassinus knows how to deal with a supernatural encounter or two.
Operational Note: Bassinus has previously stated that he no longer wants to be affiliated with the Blades and has presumably returned to his former career as a Daedric hunter. Bassinus remains close to the borders of Argonia and Cyrodiil and is not a primary target for the Elves. He is said to have started a family and has three children. I personally respect the fact he doesn't want to be a fighter but some persuasion should be able to make him return to the cause but much evidence will be needed to manage to convince him.

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