Shamans were spiritual leaders with practical fighting skills who instilled confidence in nearby friendly warriors. They had a religious zeal that gave them great courage and their mere presence filled nearby believers with confidence. Positioned just behind the battle line, Shamans could also form a powerful reserve, ready to join the fray at a crucial moment.

Equipped with sickle-shaped swrods and their small shields, the mail-clad Shamans were excellent fighters. Their good war gear was a reflection of their status as teachers, judges, soothsayers, and the focal point of religion and magic among their people. As the Lilmothian Empire lacked a written language, they were also the memory of the Empire as well, remembering all of the important facts of Lilmothian history.

Most often, the Dunmer despised and then targeted these men because they practiced particularly savage forms of human sacrifice, and because of their cultural importance. When the civilization's history was wiped out, it became a little easier to bend the people to the will of the Dissident Confederacy.

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