There were warriors among the Lilmothian Horde's ranks whose love of battle was such that they lived for little else. Clad only in flimsy loincloths, the fanatics whipped themselves into frenzy by chanting, beating themselves, and drinking heavily. In this state, they made an unnerving sight on the battlefield. They were best sent into battle en masse, shocking the enemy by a ferocious charge, but they would be kept away from enemy cavalry.

They carried just swords and shields and had practically no discipline, but they could cause heavy casualties among most enemies. They fought mostly, if not completely, naked to emphasize their own fierceness and utter lack of fear. Scars and tattoos adorned their skin, and they let their hair grow wild. Only after a kill would their hair is cut off, often with a sword blade while standing over a freshly dead foe.

While their reckless courage was not in doubt, they could often lack the cohesion and discipline to adapt to setbacks, breaking and running in confusion when subjected to severe pressure.

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