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Lilitrin Keylminor was an Altmer Mage that lived in Skyrim during the Fourth Era, during the time of the Dragon Crisis. Lilitrin was studying her craft at the College of Winterhold at the time. It was there that she met her romantic interest, the Dragonborn known as Tyr Lynsverd. She aided him in his adventures. Later on with his help Lilitrin became the Arch-Mage of the College.



Lilitrin is an extremely disciplined person. Since she was a young girl her parents taught her to maintain her dignity at all times, and to fully dedicate herself to whatever endevour she undertook. As a result Lilitrin was always a very serious person that did not tolerate nonsense or laziness from others well. This caused Lilitrin to appear harsh, demanding and elitist to others. In truth Lilitrin was simply overly zealous in what she did, and did not understand why others did not take things as seriously as she did.

Having studied at the College of Winterhold since she was very young Lilitrin was extremely knowledgeable in the academic sense. However having stayed within the College for most of her life, and only rarely ventured out farther Lilitrin lacked street smarts, and practical knowledge. She was also somewhat naive to how the world actually worked.

This all changed after interacting with Tyr and his associates Lilitrin changed a bit. Traveling around in the world abroad allowed her to accumulate real world experience. Furthermore after dealing with others who were less serious in disposition she lightened up a bit. In particular Daniel Grailin had been at odds with her due to their wildly different personalities and ethics, but eventually the two came to get along.

Lilitrin had a lot of pride in her Altmer heritage. She was taught by her parents that the High Elves were a great people who's accomplishments had shaped the world. However they had also cautioned her about allowing her arrogance get the better of her, and tried to instill a respect for other races as well. So despite her pride as an Altmer, Lilitrin did not support the Thalmor, and their descrimination against the other races of Tamriel.

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