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1E 261


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- Queen of Shadows
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Lilin, Princess of the Nymphs and Queen of the Orcs, was the last heir to the Hidden Monarchy of Pearlbloom famed for her beauty and intellect.

Following a great betrayal, Lilin became a powerful Voidling and later, a deity who used her power to affect the mortal plane, both directly and indirectly. She was the subject of worship for the cult, the Children of Shadows.

Biography Edit

Early Life, Death, and Resurrection Edit

Lilin, daughter of the Nymph Queen Lyrin, was born on the island of Pearlbloom, located near the mouth of the Iliac Bay. As all her other children before her were stillborn, Lyrin prayed to the Divines that she could have a child and days later, she was visited by the Aedra -- Deus -- and days later, learned she was pregnant. When her daughter was born, strong and healthy, Lyrin named her "Lilin" -- meaning "Blessing" in the Nymph language -- and thanked the Divines for their gift to her.

Lilin was, in fact, the progeny of a union between a Nymph and Aedric spirit and thus, her own soul was bended by and melded with energies beyond the mortal realm. She was a demi-god, a being whose connection to aetherial energies surpassed that of any mortal even as a child.

Growing up on Pearlbloom, Lilin was obviously distinct from the other children there, not just due to her royal status, but also her nature. She was much smarter than average children, and even many adults of the time, having great wisdom in regards to things that she was never taught or personally experienced. She also had great power, being nearly as strong as an Orc and possessing the magical affinity of a master Altmer mage though she was a mere child. In spite of all these wondrous traits, Lilin was most regarded for her warm and kindly nature, something not common amongst most young Nymphs.

The people of Pearlbloom loved her, and as she grew older, she also became known for her great beauty as well -- said to make Dibella, herself, green with envy. While the Divine's true feelings toward Lilin were not known, it was seen that Lilin's own mother -- Lyrin -- was beginning to grow jealous of her daughter, although she disliked herself for this. Lilin was the greatest beauty that Pearlbloom had ever seen, her wisdom and understanding of magicka was unparalleled as she was even able to shape-shift, and the denizens of the island nation openly loved the young princess more than Lyrin.

Whilst Lilin had all of this and more, Lyrin was still content as she had love for the first time since Lilin's birth; Lyrin had engaged in an affair with the King of Daggerfall, traveling to the kingdom on many nights to be with him. On Frostfall of 1E 280, specifically one day before Lilin's nineteenth birthday, Lyrin had invited the king to Pearlbloom for the first time ever. When the king arrived on Pearlbloom, he instantly fell for Lilin instead and, at his first opportunity, he slipped away from Lyrin as she slept and went to Lilin's room where he attempted to force himself on her.

In an act of self-defense, Lilin killed the king by tearing out his throat in a panic before going to her mother. Upon hearing of her lover's death and the circumstances that led to it, Lyrin, both enraged and grieved by the fact that Lilin killed the king and the fact that the king preferred Lilin over herself, locked the princess in her room. Later, not long after Lilin had cried herself to sleep, Lyrin returned, fueled by a jealous rage, and as Lilin slept, Lyrin drove a dagger through the girl's chest, killing her instantly, before returning to bed.

By the time Lyrin awoke the next morning, she had regretted killing her beloved daughter with all her heart. When Lilin's body was discovered by Lyrin, all of Pearlbloom's subjects assume that the king was the murderer, and soon, a war with Daggerfall followed. Lyrin wept for her daughter for many nights and hated herself for what she had done, but eventually, she began to concoct a plan to return Lilin to life.

It took great effort, many deals, and nearly a year but eventually, Lyrin found an ancient text known as the Necrotome, the book of the dead, which she would use to guide her through a forbidden and long-forgotten ritual to reanimate her long-dead child. In the family crypt, located under Castle Pearlbloom, Lyrin spent three nights chanting and had sacrificed three virgin maidens, but by the end of it, the portal to the Void opened, a dark shadow filled Lilin's sarcophagus, and the princess, appearing as she had one year earlier, awoke from her cold grave.

Lyrin did not have much time to revel in her happiness or beg her child for forgiveness, however, as the shadow -- taking solid form -- engulfed the Nymph Queen and dragged her through the portal to the Void as it devoured her alive, thus ending the reign and life of the jealous Queen Lyrin.

Lilin, herself, was in a mentally and physically unstable state as she was unlike any other Voidling that had come before her; the powerful Anuic energies of her original Aedric soul was attempting to purge the chaotic corruption of the Void's influence on her, having catastrophic effects. Lilin's soul, unable to cleanse itself yet unwilling to give up, essentially underwent a critical meltdown causing a massive explosion of Void energy to consume Pearlbloom, completely obliterating it and all of its inhabitants.

The Queen of Shadows Edit

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Her body eventually washed up on the shores of High Rock where she was found by a young Orsimer warrior. The warrior, captivated by her beauty, brought her unconscious body with him back to the Orsinium where he planned to use her as an offering to Malacath for his summoning day.

In the Orsinium, the other Orcs, who offered only Orsimer women, saw his offering of a non-Orc as blasphemy and the only reason why they had not killed him and Lilin both was because they thought it would be more appropriate for their god to deal out judgement, instead.

When Malacath was finally summoned, he was prepared to take his offerings but upon laying eyes on Lilin, he rejected them all and took only her. After blessing the young warrior who made the offering, Malacath retreated back to Aspit with Lilin's still unconscious body, where she would be meant to be his concubine.

Upon he awakening in Ashpit, Lilin's mind had been twisted; her thoughts and motivations now influenced by Sithis and the Void without her even realizing it. She was also semi-amnesiac, remembering only the savagery of Daggerfall's king, the treacherous jealousy of her mother, and the torment they both caused. It led to her manifesting a general hatred towards the mortal world, believing all mortals to be nothing more than animals. She planned to reshape Nirn, and believed her new-found connection with a Daedric Prince would assist in this endeavor.

She feigned devotion to Malacath for many years, becoming very important to the Daedric Prince. Blinded by an ever-growing love (or lust) for his wife, he began demanding that his worshipers acknowledge her as well and soon, many Orcs began to worship her as well. To prove their devotion to her, and in turn Malacath, Lilin demanded that the Orcs wage a holy crusade against heretics within the Orsinium and without, causing many conflicts within the mountains.

Lilin's growing influence within Daedric worship led to many on Nirn believing she was a Daedric Prince herself, causing to the creation of the Children of Shadows -- a cultist movement. As the Children worshiped her, Lilin demanded that they make human sacrifices in her name.

Many years later, it would become known to Lilin (and other existing Voidlings) that the Son of Sithis, the same being that reanimated her corpse and devoured her mother, had crossed over into Mundus to send Nirn's inhabitants to the nothingness but was defeated by the Akaviri warlords. The Son would take many more centuries to gain enough souls to be capable of returning to Nirn and in order to do so, the Akaviri warriors would have to be eliminated as a threat. As a result, Lilin herself returned to Nirn to deal with them.

She traveled to Akavir and, taking the form of a black serpent, went to the Tsaesci -- enemies of the Akaviri, to gain their allegiance and use them as tools against the Akavir. She used the powers that she gained from Oblivion to bless the Saemer with the ability to transform into snake beasts, and sent them against the Akaviri in a genocidal crusade. Over the course of the next dozen years, most of the Akaviri would be devoured and the Tsaesci would serve Lilin as her devoted and zealous subjects.

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