Levyth Nerevar
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Levyth Nerevar is the long-lived Arch Mage of the College Of Winterhold in Skyrim. Born on the Isle of Solstheim in 3E 749 to the maid of The Nerevarine, Yinelae Timeoth and The Nerevarine himself after revealing to her that his wife was in-pregnable. She acted as the surrogate mother for the couple. At the age of Eleven he began studying magic, particularly interested in the Alteration and Destruction schools, eventually teaching himself several spells in both of these disciplines. He also learnt blade skills from Taea, another Dunmer living in the village his father owned. At a slightly elder age he left Solstheim and moved to Winterhold, where he witnessed the Great Collapse as an apprentice at the college. Eventually reaching the title of archmage he also assisted the Imperial Legion in both the Great War and in winning the Civil War, improving relations with the town. He has plans with the Jarl to begin a rebuild of the town into a great city.

Early LifeEdit

His surrogate mother who also became his nanny looked after him for much of the time. The Nerevarine had bought and maintained a large town on Solstheim, where they lived in a manor presiding over it. As their weren't many children around, Levyth spent his childhood learning magic and blade skills with the town's resident spellsword, a Dunmer named Laenril. At the time he had reached adulthood he left Solstheim with Taea and moved to Winterhold, where they both joined the college. Despite Taea being 4 years older than him, they quickly married when he was 20.

The College Of WinterholdEdit

Upon arrival at the College, they were inducted in and met the current archmage, a Breton named Solis Metherey, a surprisingly young girl to be appointed archmage. Levyth continued his studies in the Alteration school, eventually reaching the right of School-Master by creating the spell 'Equilibrium'. Whilst Taea had mastered the Alteration discipline, also becoming a school-master. But then came the great collapse, and afterwards the local nords became weary of the Dunmer presence in Winterhold, and forced them to leave. They scampered back to Solstheim, where they lived in his father's house for several years. Taea had decided to go adventuring for a while, until they could return to the college. This turned out to be a hundred years later.

Journeyman YearsEdit



After their exile from Winterhold, Levyth and Taea left Skyrim and travelled across Tamriel. However, whilst in Valenwood a mysterious occurance happened. Out hunting in the forest, Taea was snatched by a group who called themselves 'The Liberators'. Levyth found only a note on the ground demanding all dark elves should be removed from Skyrim, however Taea was to be hunted out of skyrim as she 'Knew Too Much'. Levyth made the decision to return to Skyrim, which he found deep in Civil War. Knowing the scarcity of racists in Skyrim, he instantly turned to the City of Windhelm, the headquarters of the Stormcloaks.

Ulfric Stormcloak & The Imperial LegionEdit

At arrival in Windhelm, Levyth was hustled by the local Nords into the Gray Quarter, a slum for Dark Elves. Appauled by this he marched straight to the Jarl. Only to find his wife in captivity, being scorched for information. Accordingly, he picked up a candlestick and launched it to Ulfric's head using telekinesis. This allowed a distraction for his wife to break free and they both ran from the palace into hiding in the Gray Quarter. They were eventually let out of the city by the Argonian Dockmaster. They took a boat to Winterhold, where they re-entered the college.

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