Also known as Sea Elves,the Lenmer are an aquatic race that live in the waters around three small unnamed islands to the west of Stros M'Kai.Their skin is of a greenish silver color,and their hair is usually emerald green or light blue.Their eyes are often green.

Because fish is their main food,Lenmer are skilled with weapons that are often used when when hunting fish,such as spears or nets.They are also fantastic swimmers,due to the fact that they have webbed hands and feet.They have gills,so they can breathe underwater,but they can only survive on land for a few hours,and they never dive deeper than about 200 ft. where it is too cold for them.Lenmer are also very agile,they need to be to catch their food.They can easily see in darkness,but sudden exposure to bright lights can blind them for a few seconds.

They often wear light armor,and never wear heavy armor because it would do nothing but drag them down to the bottom of the ocean.Lenmer sometimes use sea creatures like dolphins as mounts,they can also use sharks,but must exercise extreme caution,because the sharks can easily turn on them when hungry.

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