Lae Map, showing the capital cities and the countries relevant color.

Continent Of Lae is a continent to the north of Tamriel. It is known as the way-point between Tamriel and Atmora. There are 7 Regions of Lae, despite it being a small region. The culture surrounds a group of four 'gods'. They were originally 4 mortals, 'Eienaur' who's strength was not unbeaten. 'Niaghta' with unmatched wit and stealth. 'Cassian' A Battlemage whos power in both magic and blade was hard to match, and finally 'Aeronne' who had beauty and charm that beat all.

Lae has been often bypassed by travellers, but little do they know that there is great hidden beauty and treasure amongst it. Lae is run by 20 Clans, who each fight for control over the seven regions.


Lae is split into 7 Regions.

o Laexvale

o Coura

o Maersley

o Tenthile

o Regenada

o Anthix

o Majoudro


The continents capital is full of lushous greenlands and hunting plains. It is also home to the 'Bladedancers College' a college for explorers, historians & researchers. The capital city is Xaer, a relatively new city made nearly entirely from stone. The Chrome Palace also lies here, a shiny palace home to Lae's empress 'Lavae X', a descendant of Aeronne. The northern tip is dominated by 'Xanthe Cross' the most ancient bulding in all of Lae. at the top is a colliseum type building which contains the Flame Of Lae, lit by Manthe I, the second emperor and Eienaur's only mortal son. The south east also contains part of 'Friar Rock Desert'.


A coastal port country which shares Laexvale's lushous greenlands. The capital, Forthe dominates half of the entire east cost. Much of Lae's resources are sold, shipped or bought here at the great market in the centre. The southern area of Coura also contains part of the 'Friar Rock Desert' which crosses 3 regions. In the middle, (and thankfully in Coura) is Friar Rock, an ancient Labyrinth that is said to lead to The Void.


Maersley is considered one of the happiest regions with plenty of food and money to spare. A great coastline of beaches surrounds the southern coast. The capital of Paeltone is the oldest city in all of Lae. Said to be built by one of Ysgramor's sons, who stopped here on his return to Atmora. When Ysgramor returned to storm skyrim he picked up his son and Paeltone was left to King Drimeth II, one of the last remaining Sylancthe .


Tenthile is home to the Thorne, a race who have the ability to live for thousands of years unconsciously. When they awake they continue living there lives as normal. There has only ever been one ruler of Tenthile, King Paxus I, who lives in the almighty Starn Palace, the most beautiful and stunning building in all of Lae. Starn place is the centrepiece of Cantu, the capital city which happens to be underground and bears resemblance to Blackreach of Skyrim.


Regenada is a horrid and cold place where not much thrives. The population is expected to be just 600 mortals. It is home to the great Akasedre Mountain Range which hides the great city of Falnthrope. There isn't much else to this country.


A tiny island which only has 2 cities. The capital is Coduluck, a burrow for Argonians hidden in the dense marshland. It also has the only remaining shrine to Niaghta, after she was banished from the main areas of Lae by Eienaur.


A rather large jungle island that is mainly home to Khajiit & Bosmer. The capital city is reminicsnt of the giant tree cities in Valenwood, great tree houses house the wood elf King Cael III. There are also many ruins from the Sylantche reign here, hundreds of years ago.

Story Of Lae's PantheonEdit

Lae's pantheon is made up of 4 gods. The head of these gods is Eienaur who was a nord living on Atmora in ancient times. He accompanied Ysgramor's son in building a city on Lae whilst Ysgramor built an army in Atmora. When Ysgramor came to pick them both up, Eienaur decided to stay in Lae and eventually wiped out most of the Sylantche empire. This impressed Akatosh, and he granted him a queen. Aeronne, was the daughter of Akatosh & Mara and was sent to Nirn to watch Eienaur. Eienaur and Aeronne quickly fell in love and became Emperor & Empress Of Lae. At their death Akatosh granted Eienaur the title of High God Of Lae, and Aeronne the High Godess. They had two children, Cassian & Niaghta. Who became the lower gods.

Lae's PantheonEdit

Eienaur - High God - God Of Strength, Willpower & War - Patron To Warriors & Rulers.

Aeronne - High Godess - Godess Of Beauty, Accuracy & Love - Patron To Women & Priests.

Cassian - God Of Wisdom, History & Art - Patron To Mages & Archers.

Niaghta - Godess Of Death, Dark Arts & Redemption - Patron To Thieves & Necromancers

Banishing Of NiaghtaEdit

Niaghta's rule was starting to get out of hand, necromancers and thieves were ruling the lands. Eienaur had taken the long and hard decision of banishing his daughters rule to the small isle of Anthix.



Niaghta has managed to convert almost all of the mainly Argonian population of Anthix to believe and worship her. Although she misses having free reign her large army of followers was building. She has a mass shrine cut into the side of mount Oposia, the tallest mountain on Anthix.

The 20 Clans Of LaeEdit

As mentioned earlier 20 clans fight each other to rule over each of the regions. They are as follows:

o The Red-Masons Of Laexvale. (In Power)

o The Steel-Maidens Of Laexvale

o The Axe-Martins Of Laexvale

o The Black-Hammers Of Coura (In Power)

o The Thunder-Fists Of Coura

o The Cruel-Wakes Of Coura

o The Ancients Of Maersley (In Power)

o The Gold-Backs Of Maersley

o The Ghost-Killers Of Maersley

o The White-Manes Of Regenada (In Power)

o The Loose-Kilts Of Regenada

o The No-Locks Of Regenada

o The Silver-Kings Of Tenthile (In Power)

o The Grand-Lores Of Tenthile

o The Under-Lords Of Tenthile

o The Dead-Kings Of Anthix (In Power)

o The Red-Staves Of Anthix

o The Khan-Ro Of Majoudro (In Power)

o The Thread-Manes Of Majoudro

o The Tin-Tha Of Majoudro.


Please remember this is on a fanon page so it is fictional.

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