Duchess of Dementia, To-Be Madgod, Runaway, Heretic Goldslayer,
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Part Dunmer, Part Dark Seducer



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Oblivion, Shivering Isles, New Sheoth

“I will cherish this sword of the Maniacs, and if mother ever gets it, I will kill her.”
―Kye to Sarina, captain of the Golden saints.

Princess Kye of Sheogorath's Court, Duchess of Dementia was an infamous princess/duchess/rogue that lived and died during the fourth era. She is only known in the Shivering Isles for her famous escapade to escape her mother's employed assassins. For three years, she lived in fear, outside the safety of New Sheoth to escape the assassins. She was also known for her love of Gnarls, and her pet, Demented the Gnarl.


Early lifeEdit

Kye was born in a plane of Oblivion, otherwise known as the Shivering Isles, in a city known as New Sheoth. She was strangely part Dark Seducer and part Dunmer, although no one in her bloodline was Dark Seducer. She was born three minutes before her brother, Garador. Her mother, the Lordess of the Shivering Isles took the Dark Seducer part to mean that Kye should be the Duchess of Dementia, and her Golden Saint brother to be the Duke of Mania.

Strangely enough, Kye shared some of Sheogoratha's powers, such as the ability to change the weather. The priest of Arden-Sul announced that Kye would be the To-Be Madgod.

For the next fourteen years, Kye was trained to become the next Madgod, spoiling Sheogoratha's chances of becoming immortal. When she turned fourteen, Kye was given a pet Gnarl, Demented, as her brother was given his first drink of Skooma.

Kye soon became friends with the Golden Saints, especially their captain, Sarina.

The Attack on SplitEdit

On a stormy night, Sarina, along with five other golden saints set off to quell an attack on the community of Split. On the same night, Sheogoratha's jealousy became too much. She hired assassins to kill her own daughter, thus rendering herself immortal once again. Kye learned of this information at the dinner table, as Garador told her everything by accident, due to drinking too much Skooma. Kye secretly dressed in her mother's garments and followed the Golden Saints that were going to Split.

When they arrived, the Golden Saints killed the Grummites that were terrorizing the citizens of Split. Then, Sarina learned that Kye had followed them. She noticed an assassin approaching her, and killed him right when he lifted the dagger he was holding. Kye explained everything to the noble saint, and Sarina then gave Kye her own Golden Longsword.

Kye nodded, and ran away, not knowing that her mother was spreading the word of her becoming a rebel.

The survivalEdit

Kye came across a small ruin, and decided to see if anyone lived there. She was weak and cold, and had hardly any food.

A heretic greeted her, and since they both shared a hatred of the current Madgoddess, invited Kye to become a Heretic.

Kye adapted to the Heretic ways of life, and was given the title of a Heretic Goldslayer, due to her golden sword.

The heretics loved Kye, and naturally, the Zealots hated her. Therefore, the Zealots hatched a clever plan that would lead to Kye's death.

The Grummite captureEdit

The Zealots traveled to New Sheoth, and told the news to Sheogoratha. She was angered greatly, and decided to kill her own daughter herself.

However, before she managed to even get to the Heretic base, Grummites raided it. Kye was captured and brought, along with seventeen other Heretics, to the Grummite Island.

For a year, Kye was tortured and starved. Soon the other seventeen Heretics died.

Kye then remembered where the Grummites stored weapons, and retrieved her Golden Longsword. She slayed the Grummites of the Island and swam back to the mainland.


Sheogoratha had Sarina executed for treason when she learned that Sarina helped Kye escape. News quickly traveled, and Kye was horrified at the news.

She traveled for a month until she reached the Hill of Suicides, had a passing Dark Seducer guard push her off and throw her skull away. Only one parchment has been found in her pocket explaining her reasons, and that is safely stored in Sheogoratha's storage.

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