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Krieger is the name claimed by the vicious and savage people of large islands near Akavir, which they called Nuevera. Fearsome, large, and quick to anger, the Krieger were orginally outcasts when they came to Tamriel for refuge in the 4th Era. They served themselves and their leader, "Goddess of the Monlinar" Moriel, otherwise known as Queen Moriel, serving her with zealous respect.


Little is known about the history of the Krieger, other than that they once ruled a large empire or hegemony across Western Akavir. They drove several races to extinction, and some of the few that battled Dragons with little to no fear. It is known that these people rode into battle upon massive mounts, mostly reptilian, but some are described as avian and even mammalian.

Using their great strength in the arts of war and beast-mounts, they forced other races into defeat, driving even the Ko Po' Tun and their leader, Tosh Raka, eastward, towards the sea.

However, after several setbacks, the Ko Po' Tun began to ravage the Krieger Empire, suffering heavy losses but smashing the empire back to the islands. Queen Moriel decided that they had no hope within Akavir, and were eventually forced away, fleeing with their massive fleet.

Many of the sub-fleets sank before reaching Tamriel, only a fraction of the vessels, after suffering a devastating war, ever saw land again. Among the surviving Krieger was the queen and greatest general, Brute Maulagar. Together they lead the race on the eastern coast of Tamriel.


The cultural apsects of the Krieger generally focusses on war, strength, and honor. Throughout their lifes, they are trained in as many martial arts possible, swordsmanship, and sailing. Daily life is compareable to that of Ancient Athens or Sparta for it's martial prowess(Sparta) and naval capabilities(Athens). Brutaility and war is a tradition, where facing an enemy is considered the most honorable one can do. Assassins are normally looked down upon, and considered weak.

The Krieger people love to experiment, especially in culinary arts. They love good food and wine, and are said to be some of the best cooks in Tamriel. Meat and fruit is the most common forms of food, and spirits, mead, and wine the most beloved drink.

Looked at as disgust by the other races of Tamriel, nudity is not uncommon among the several cities dotting the coasts. Sex is also public among some, especially in bath houses and large public events. Prostitution is also common, and all Krieger cities have at least one Government established whore house.

Health is a major concern for the Krieger, who are excellent herbalists and healers, and so they enjoy very long lives.



  • Head General of the Krieger Armies and Navy, Bute Maulagar
  • The Goddess in her armor.
  • The Krieger simply known as Beast.
  • Warlords, or Jarls for the Krieger
  • A common Soldier
  • A female officer.
  • Preparing to march to battle.