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Krapheon Tsurik, also known by a number of monikers including the One Lord, the Master, the Patron of Tyrants and the God in Act, was a powerfull warlord that lived in ancient times. Krapheon rose in power in ancient times through the use guile, merciless marital conquest and extremely powerful dark arts. Much of Krapheon's history and personal details have been lost in the centuries following his death. Few in the modern eras know that Krapheon even existed. Even the most devoted of scholars rarely know anything concrete.

After Krapheon's death many believe that he attained apotheosis, becoming a god through his relentless pursuit of power. First and foremost among his worshippers are the Ahrien Kitai, a cult made up of his former disciples that are devoted to his philosophies. His dogma is one of ruthless ambition, and disdain for the weak, stupid or complacent. Those cults that are centered around his worship are even more obscure and reclusive than those of the Daedric Princes. Those few that do worship him believe that his ideology will lead them to perfection, and that someday he will lead his followers to supremacy over the whole of Nirn.


“From the time I was born this world gave me nothing. In fact most times it tried to take what little I had claimed for myself away from me. Despite this I rose up to dominate all I saw. Nobody would take from me ever again. Now I do the taking.”
―Krapheon Tsurik, The Bloodied Path to Transcendence

The details about Krapheon's life are shrouded in mystery. His place and time of birth, his family history, and even his race are lost to the history books, even in the records of the Ahrien Kitai. What little can be gleaned about Krapheon is subject to a level of suspicion, as the most complete records of him belong to the Ahrien Kitai, and given their worship of him as a deity may be influenced by their own prejudice on the subject.

What can be gleaned was that Krapheon had started out life from a lowly position. By his own admission Krapheon told his followers that he had been considered to be among the dregs of society in his youth, and it was heavily hinted that he may have been a slave at this time. Krapheon lived a cruel youth, never being shown any kindness, mercy or charity by those around him. He was forced to steal, fight and kill in order to get what he needed to survive.

Sometime later Krapheon joined, and then became the leader of a group of bandits. Supposedly he gained a fearsome reputation in the areas in which he operated as a merciless and resourceful threat to caravans. He finally recieved the respect and wealth that he had envied for years, but he was not yet satisfied. Despite the strength he already weilded Krapheon still craved power, and he would do anything to achieve it.

Krapheon abandonned his bandit lifestyle, and journeyed throughout Tamriel in search of the power he so desperately wanted. He studied with mages to learn the secrets of arcane power, quickly becoming an adept mage. When the lessens of orthodox mages could no longer offer him anything Krapheon turned to dark, forbidden arts. as time went on Krapheon turned his eyes from Mundus to achieve his ends. He conjured, contracted and learned from dark otherworldy powers such as some of the Daedric Princes, the Ideal Masters, Sithis and no doubt many other foul, unnatural forces.

After years of study into the darkness that most mortals dare not look into Krapheon had become truly powerful. Feeling that he had attained the personal strength that he needed in order to reach his goals, Krapheon made plans to return from wence he came. When he did come back he would not do so as a pitiful wretch, or as some lowly cutthroat. He would do so as a dark, unstoppable conquerer. A force that would make mortals tremble and the gods take pause.

Reign of FireEdit

Krapheon returned to the lands he had once called home. He was no longer simply a leader of cut-throats. He was something more. He quickly gained control of the bandits within the lands, uniting them with promises of wealth, or through threats of annihilation. Soon he had an army at his disposal, but he needed more than simple muscle to accomplish his goals. He would need those with true vision and capability to realize his ambition.

Krapheon maneuvered like a true master. While his bandits rampaged in the country side, they did so in a way that did not appear to be coordinated, and hid the greater plot afoot. Those in power had their abilities questioned as their people were raided by the bandits. Krapheon used this opportunity to identify those that were in a position to seize power as a result. He coerced these men to act as his agents and allies in return for the promise of greater power when he took control.

He also sought those that were after a different type of power. He sought out those mages that, like him, were looking to reach new horizons. He came to these individuals, and showed them the power that he attained. He offered to share these secrets with them in return for servitude. Many of these spellcasters quickly succumbed to their lust for greater power and knowledge in the arcane.

Soon Krapheon had a group of diverse people that had sworn themselves to him. Politicians, warriors, mages, criminals and many moire. These people were united by their desire and admiration for Krapheon's abilities. They sought to learn from, and follow krapheon. For they knew that his was a pth that could lead to far greater power and achievement then they had ever known. This was the founding of the Ahrien Kitai.