Korvan Stacker III
Biographical information

"Mage-Warrior" (Custom)


The Lord


The Imperial City, Green Emperor Way District


First Seed 15, 4E105; Imperial City Elven Gardens District


Last Seed 22, 4E171; White Gold Tower, Imperial City

Physical description




Hair color

Brown (Cropped short)

Eye color


Chronological and political information

Imperial Historian, Blind Moth Priest

  • The Imperial Legion
  • The Order of the Ancestor Moth
  • Elder Scrolls Keeper

Korvan Stacker III was the third Imperial male in a direct line by the name of Korvan, son of deceased Imperial Guard Captain Korvan Stacker II and deceased Mage's Guild Magician Mara Jade-Stacker. Korvan Stacker III became a Blind Moth Priest and Imperial Historian, keeper of the Elder Scrolls during the 4th Era till his dead on Last Seed 22, 4E 171. He has retold the stories of his family and of both the Nerevarine Prophecies and Oblivion Crisis many times over, fascinated with the incidents that destroyed the Imperial Dragon-Bloodline.


Family HistoryEdit

Korvan Stacker III was a male Imperial born to Imperial Guard Captain Korvan Stacker II, (from whom he learned how Blade combat and Agility and helped him in Mercantile) and Imperial Mage's Guild Magician Jade Mara, (who taught him Conjuration, Mysticism and Restoration spells and Alchemy). His eldest sibling and older brother was Torfas, the older sister Ofilia. His twin was Nessanna and his youngest sibling and younger brother was Elisre.

Korvan III had heard stories of his grandfather in Morrowind in the land of the Dunmer, but has never had the chance to see or even be around Korvan I.

Early YearsEdit

Between Korvan III's fifth and tenth year, Torfas, Nessanna, Elisre and he underwent training from father Korvan II and/or Jade Mara. His father taught him how to use a blade properly, using daggers and short-swords to help, and would take Korvan III shopping with him to help teach him about Mercantile and how to haggle appropriately. Jade and Korvan II both built wooden targets so that she could teach most of the kids spells. Ofilia was learning Conjuration, Destruction, and Restoration magic, even got help from Jade's fellow mages to learn Illusion spells and alchemy. Nessanna spent time working on telekinetic Mysticism and invisibility Illusion spells. Torfas learned a minor healing spells and left it at that. Elisre only wanted to learn to use spells for unlocking doors. However, Korvan III spent enough time to nearly master Conjuration, Mysticism, and Restoration spells by the age of thirteen.

Family DeathsEdit

Nessanna disappeared when he was only twelve then and in his twentieth year of life, he saw two Dark Brotherhood members; an older man and a younger girl, (probably his age), kill his mother and father. Their caretaker took care of the family until the children each went their own ways. He always suspected Nassanna was the girl.

The Imperial Legion and Order of the Ancestor MothEdit

When Korvan III was fourteen, he left home and went into the Jerall Mountains to the Temple of Ancestor Moths. He lived there as an Ancestor Moth Prelate or Monk; learning the way of Gudrun and Alchemy and keeping the secret of the Blind Moth Priests and their Temple, till he turned twenty. At that age he left as a traveling Bard.

He first went to Cheydinhall, where he ran into a female Dark Brotherhood member about his age he assumed was his twin sister Nassanna, whom he nearly killed. He then travelled across Cyrodiil, to Leyawiin where he ran into Ofilia, an Evoker at the time in the Mage's Guild and married woman, and helped her in gathering ingredients to create a potion of healing for a deeply ill Journeyman. He then walked to Bravil, meeting Elisre, freshly out of prison for attempting a "small" theft from a traveling Aristocrat. Korvan III bought his first and only horse for his travel through Skingrad and to Kvatch, where he met brother Torfas at the gate. Torfas was a guard waiting to see if his application to the Imperial Legion as an Imperial Forester would be accepted. (By this time, Kvatch was rebuilt.) He then travelled through the remaining cities on his way to Anvil to meet a few child hood friends who had become well respected armorers.

Finally returning to the Imperial City after a lengthy stay in Anvil, Korvan Stacker III was twenty three. The first person he met there was a retired Guard Captain from when Korvan's father was still alive. This helped Korvan to get into the Imperial Legion, along with recommendations from a fellow Prelate who was accepted become an actual priest months after Korvan left the Temple of the Ancestor Moth. With Korvan's abilities, he was labeled an Imperial Battlemage. He was too modest to take the title, though it was official.

At age 33, Korvan was finally accepted to be an Ancestor Moth Priest, which gave him access to their quarters. Another five years and the new acting Emperor gave him the title of Imperial Historian, giving him access to the Imperial Library containing the Elder Scrolls. He spent most of his time studying over the Nerevarine Prophecies and the Oblivion Crisis, as well as other, more independent histories after the start of the fourth era. He died in the White-Gold Tower's Elder Scrolls Library at age 57.


Though he made friends in the Fighters Guild and Mage's Guild, Korvan III's only real affiliations were that of the Order of the Ancestor Moth as both Prelate and Priest and the Imperial Legion as an Imperial Battlemage and Imperial Historian.

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