Knights of the Sixteen
ES4 Oblivion100102
General Information


Nazcuss the Black-Hearted


The Prophet of the Sixteen

Historical Information

Formed from

During the beginning of the Mythic Age

Notable events


“To oppose all those who will not see the right of rule of the Daedric Princes, I hereafter form the Knights of the Sixteen. We few will spread the truth to the infidels or die trying.”
Nazcuss the Black Hearted

The Knights of the Sixteen was founded in the one-hundredth year of the First Era by the Daedra-worshipper, Nazcuss the Black-Hearted. It quickly spread across what would later become Cyrodiil and soon became the most widely recognized religious group in the Ayleid Empire. When Nazcuss died in 2E 18 in combat with Harott Cyrodiil, control of the order passed to the Ayleid monarchy and eventually to Umaril the Unfeathered. The order then nearly disappeared when Pelinal Whitestrake killed Umaril but through the Ayleid survivors and then the Dark Brotherhood, the order lived on. They were main combatants in the War of the Red Diamond and during this war, Kilsan the Diabolic managed to persuade the great knight Sir Berich to betray the Knights of the Nine. The order was almost destroyed again during the Purge of Daedra Worshippers in the final year of the Second Era but members of the Dark Brotherhood kept the order alive. Since then the order has again surfaced in the form of the Ayleid survivors and the return of Umaril the Unfeathered. The order is currently an underground organization consisting of Daedric cults, the most significant of these being the Mythic Dawn. This cult almost succeeded in destroying Tamriel and would have brought the Knights of the Sixteen back into recognition as a feared group.

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