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The Knights of the Grey Raven is the knightly order of the Cyrodiilic city of Kvatch following its restablishment after the Oblivion Crisis. The Knights have a long, proud history of service to Kvatch since their founding. The Knights are sworn to serve the head of House Grailin, the Count of Kvatch. Following the White-Gold Concordat the Knights of the Grey Raven have become a part of the Ash Guard's inner circle.



The Knights of the Grey Raven were founded by the Her oof Kvatch after being named the city's new Count in the wake of the Oblivion Crisis. The Hero of Kvatch new that while the crisis had been averted, the Empire was in a period of change and upheaval. Kvatch, having only just been rebuilt was especially vulnerable.

Thus he brought together some of the notable individuals that he had befriended during his journeys, and founded the Knights of the Grey Raven. The Knights were a varied group with a number of diverse backgrounds and skillsets. However they came together under the Hero of Kvatch to defend the city's interests in its times of need.

More so the Knights performed many services for the whole of Cyrodiil, for while he had founded them for the benefit of Kvatch, the Hero had wanted the knights to become a force for good throughout the Empire. The Knights of the Grey Raven did not disappoint, and soon they became renowned for their abilities and valor.

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