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Kjahart is an Ancient Dragon Priest, from the Merythic Era. Kjahart was a good friend and even brother, to Konahrik, another Dragon Priest, also the Dragonborn.

Known LifeEdit

At a young age, Kjahart was born to a young Nord, and an unknown mother, also a Nord, on Atmora sometime in the late Merythic Era. He was born exactly 2 years after his older brother, Konahrik. Kjahart's parents were Dragon worshippers, and so was he. Kjahart grew up with Dragons, learning wisdom but also being a slave technically. When Kjahart was at age (around 34-35), he became a Dragon Priest, like his Father and older brother. Kjahart wasn't known much in Skyrim or Tamriel, probably due to most of his rule on Atmora. It was in the late Merythic and early First Era when Kjahart came to Tamriel with all the other Atmorans. Here, at age 50, he continued his rule as Priest. He had had many temples built in hs honor. It wasn't long, until the Dragon War. Kjahart was still loyal to Dragons though, so he and a group of members also still honoring the Dragons, fled into the deep mountains of Skyrim/Morrowind, and over time, had built a very large temple just to him, named: "Kjacave" (Kjahart wasn't a very good namer). He then resided there, away from the Dragons, but he still had a few of his own Dragons that was worthy to him. It wasn't long until the Dragon War was over or near an end, and the Dragons discovered the last priests' location. The temple was then ambushed, and mostly destroyed, which it held much gold. Kjahart died at age 85 in the raid. Kjahart is known as the last surviving dragon priest of that time (alive, not undead lich).


  • Kjacave can not be discovered, but some say it was very close to Skuldafn, or it was Skuldafn or a part of it. It is unknown, though.