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Kirsei Argosta
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Kirsei Argosta (pronounced: Kēre-say) was a male Argonian of the Argonian Cartel. He used to belong to a group of Argonian dealers with his distant cousin Tradosha, but the group broke up.

He and most of his clan were some of the Cartel's wealthiest and most influential members until the rise of Jugorro whom only left the Cartel in ruins after his death during the dragon attack of Windhelm. But, after Jugorro's death, Kirsei became the new leader of the Argonian Cartel and increased the Cartel's influence and power even further across Skyrim than the Cartel's creator himself ever did.


Kirsei was born into Clan Argosta somewhere in Skyrim, Kirsei was a prominent and wealthy member of the Argonian species. Kirsei took control as the head of his clan around 4E201 when the dragons attacked Skyrim. Sometime after the dragon attack on Helgen, Kirsei joined a group of nomadic Argonian trade dealers with his distant cousin, Tradosha. But, after the death of the group's leader, the group disbanded and each member went on their separate ways, except for two other members who stuck together as nomadic dealers.

Kirsei became one of the many members in his family to become a prominent member in the Argonian Cartel. Kirsei worked his way up the Cartel to almost becoming the leader of the criminal organization when Jugorro stepped up and took the title as leader of the Cartel. Jugorro had become mad and branded Kirsei and the other leaders as traitors and had them put in a prison cell(s) somewhere in Skyrim. However, Jugorro was killed during a dragon attack on Solitude and Kirsei and the other leaders were freed from the prison cell(s). After the death of Jugorro, Kirsei became the new leader of the Argonian Cartel.

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Kirsei was a male Argonian with pinkish-reddish skin and had orange eyes. He stood at 5 feet and 9 inches and weighed about 160 pounds.


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