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Kingdom of Brittany
Political information
Type of government


  • Enlightened Absolutism
  • Constitutional
  • Hereditary
Head of State


  • HRH King of Brittany
  • HRM Queen of Brittany
Head of Government


  • HRH King of Brittany
  • HRM Queen of Brittany


  • Chancellor of High Rock
  • Lord Marshal of the Breton Army
  • Lord High Admiral of the Breton Navy
  • HRH King of Brittany
  • HRM Queen of Brittany
Societal information

Brittany, High Rock

Official language




State religious body

Nine Divines

National holiday
  • Flower Day, First Seed 25th
  • Fire Festival, Second Seed 20th
  • Fishing Day, Second Seed 30th
  • Saturalia, Evening Star 25th
  • Old Life Festival Evening Star 30th/31st

La chanson de High Rock (Tamrielic: The song of High Rock)

Historical information
Formed from
  • 2E 100 As Duchy
Date of establishment
  • 4E 1 As Kingdom
  • Fourth Era
  • Onwards
“Brittany is a Kingdom built on a legacy of War, Conquest and Deceit.”
―Unknown Source

The Kingdom of Brittany was one of the feudal Kingdoms of High Rock. Once a duchy to the Kingdom of Wayrest, it emerged as a powerful Kingdom in its own right shortly after the Daedric Invasion of Tamriel, 3E 433. With the War of High Rock between the other kingdoms and city-states, fueled by the ambition of its first Queen, Amelia Charlemagne, Brittany survived by conquest and absorbed much of High Rock into its own borders. Only Wayrest was the last Breton kingdom to survive until that too was defeated by Brittany. In addition, for the first time in Breton history, one single kingdom ruled the entire province High Rock.

Brittany itself would prove to be a prelude to what would become the Breton Empire.


The beginningsEdit

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