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Kilgharrah (Kilg: Intelligent | Har: Wise | Rah: Order), also known as The Great Dragon of the Pale was an elder dragon trapped within the underground dwarven city of Lorexean. Kilgharrah was a well-known figure in the dragon race as he was the only known dragon that spoke fluently in Tamrielic. Kilgharrah was one of the very few dragons that were killed by the Blades and one of the primary dragons who opposed the uprising of the Draconic Council.


Akatosh's Outcasted SonEdit

Kilgharrah, brother to Alduin and Paarthurnax, was the god Akatosh's third born son. Unlike his kin, Kilgharrah never desired to rule the mortal plane and craved towards experiencing the realm of Aetherius. His brothers did not like the Nordic God of Wisdom's choice and made Kilgharrah an outcast in almost eternal exile.

It was then Kilgarrah decided to side with his brothers' enemies; the mortals. With the guidance of the God of Wisdom, the humans knew where to strike Alduin and his comrades. Many of the mortals continuously plead to Kilgharrah to teach them how to use the thu'um though Kilgharrah was anxious the humans would grow greedy with power and use the thu'um for whatever they desired.

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