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Khajiit Caravan (Online)

The Khajiit Caravans were a Guild set up by Ri'Kamh in the Second Era. They aimed to travel the best trade routes of Tamriel to make money that would be divided between the guild. The Guild was based originally in Senchal , the trading capital of Elsweyr . Each region in Tamriel has at least one caravan, excluding Summerset Isle due to communication failures at the beginning of the faction.


Khajiit Caravans began in the second era and lived on the pure idea of selling good, honest items. Many other races don't allow Khajiit into their cities as they view them as 'scum' and thieves. The main affiliation with Moon Sugar puts off alot of buyers.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Ri'Kamh
  • Dar'Assino
  • Dor'Varaac
  • Ri'Shieth

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