Anvil guard, Legion Officer, Fighter's Guild Champion, Founder of Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht, Queen of Our Land
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Azura's Palace, Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht


Kavelia Hawkhart was the founder of Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht. She was born in Cyrodiil, and became famous when she founded the Kingdom of Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht. Kavelia was also mentioned in Bard's songs, written tablets and even had a book written after her; 'The Hawkhart's Maiden'.


Early lifeEdit

Kavelia was born in the City of Anvil, in 3E, 371. She was born into a poor family, and she started working at an early age. When she was old enough to fend for herself, she joined the Anvil city guard. Kavelia put an end to most of the crimes happening in the city. When she turned Eighteen, Kavelia became a Legion Officer. She was one of the best officers in history at that point. Then, Kavelia met Aye, a forty-year-old woman.

Founding of Our LandEdit

Aye and Kavelia escaped Cyrodiil and made a home in Skyrim. They gathered people to live in a new land, and constructed boats to sail to their new land. On 3E, 400, Kavelia, Aye and the hundred they gathered declared the island 'Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht'. Then, they began to build their first city, Sorrowlock. Kavelia designed the city to resemble Cyrodiil's Imperial City, in honor of her parents.


Kavelia had been declared Queen of Ohtyoodtroht and married a man named Lovellus, who became king. When she turned seventy, Kavelia visited the newest city of the Island, Starfield, only to be assassinated by a Starblood assassin. Kavelia was brought to Sorrowlock and buried under the Statue of Azura in Azura's District.

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