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“As long as I live I shall keep killing! And as long as I keep killing I shall feel truly alive!”
― Katherine Bloodscar to Lucien Lachance.

Katherine Silvermoon or Katherine Bloodscar was a notable assassin that worked for the Dark Brotherhood and Spy for the Mythic Dawn. She was known by her aggressive behavior and tattooed face. During her time in the Imperial Prison, agents of the Mythic Dawn captured her because her prison cell was located next to the Cell that concealed a secret escape route. She was forced to work with the Mythic Dawn as a spy for a brief period. She later was recruited by Lucien Lachance to be part of the Dark Brotherhood after she assassinated her Mythic Dawn employers.


Early lifeEdit

Katherine was born in the Imperial City of Cyrodiil. She was the only daughter of Ramius and Parsee Silvermoon, a wealthy couple that moved from Chorrol to open a small Weapons business in the Market District. As Katherine grew up, her neighbors knew her for being an intelligent, although a bit anti-social, girl; she preferred the solitude of the Library than the crowds of the parties that her parents loved to assist. At the young age of 10, Katherine witnessed her first assassination in an alley of Waterfront; an assassin quickly dispatched his target and proceeded to run away when Katherine was wandering in. Katherine stood in front of that assassin and asked him for 50 gold coins for her silence. The assassin asked her why he should pay her instead of killing her and Katherine answered that yelling "guards!" is not expensive, but silence is. This assassin was surprised by the response of the girl and rewarded her with the amount of gold that she asked before leaving. This marked a drastic change in Katherine's life. After this event, Katherine's behavior changed in the following 7 years of her life. She become more hostile with the servants that disturbed her reading, she picked up fights with other students of her academy more frequently, and she started to become a heavy drinker and other bad habits. Several years later, she learned that her parents decided to marry her with the son of another Merchant in order to make her daughter "more ladylike". After hearing this, Katherine bought a handful of Chokeberries from a black market dealer and used them to poison her parents. However, one of her servants noticed this and quickly informed the Imperial Guard of Katherine's crime. That night, she was arrested and sent to the Imperial Prison for the murder of her own parents.

Service under the Mythic DawnEdit

Sentenced to death for the assassination of her parents, Katherine was sent to prison; where she awaited her execution. One day, the Emperor Uriel Septim was being escorted by the Blades using a secret passage located in the cell next to Katherine's; who paid complete attention to the conversation that took place in that cell. The Mythic Dawn, who at the time was searching for the Amulet of Kings, decided to interrogate the other captives of the Imperial Prison and sent an agent to gather information from the prisoners. Katherine saw this as her only opportunity to escape her execution and she volunteered to track the Amulet of Kings in exchange of her freedom. The Mythic Dawn agent accepted the offer and released Katherine. She was later taken to the Mythic Dawn shrine in Lake Arrius cave, where she was introduced as an Initiate of this organization. However, some of the older members did not trust her completely and decided to enforce certain control over Katherine by giving her a special set of "Black Tattoos" over her face and body that imbued her with a great amount of magical energy, but at the same time forced Katherine to obey whoever infused her with the tattoos. This process was painful and almost inhuman, causing Katherine a lot of physical pain and changing her eyes color from blue to red. After several months as field operative of the Mythic Dawn, Katherine tracked the location of the Amulet of Kings in the Weynon Priory. This led to the Mythic Dawn members to launch an attack in which they successfully retrieved the Amulet of Kings.

Service under the Dark BrotherhoodEdit

After locating the Amulet of Kings, Katherine thought that she was finally free from the Mythic Dawn, however, the men who tattooed her refused to let her go. Enraged, Katherine killed many of her former employers, including the ones who infused her with tattoos. Katherine then proceeded to escape the Mythic Dawn shrine, but was injured by a poisoned arrow as she fled. Badly injured and drying, Katherine hid for two days in an abandoned house in Cheydinhal, but she was oblivious that the house was in fact the entrance to the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. Fortunately for Katherine, the assassin that she "blackmailed" several years ago discovered her. This man was no other than Lucien Lachance, who was now a Speaker of the Dark Brotherhood. Lucien offered healed and saved Katherine's life and offered a place in the Dark Brotherhood as an assassin and explained that unlike in the Mythic Dawn, Katherine would be rewarded handsomely for her efforts. During her time working for the Dark Brotherhood, Katherine changed her last time to "Bloodscar" and earned the title of "Tattooed Killer". She also gained a fearsome reputation as one of the best assassins of the Dark Brotherhood. Katherine's most famous murder was the assassination of Maurice Tussaud, brother of the infamous pirate Gaston Tussaud. This was the event that led Gaston to go to the Imperial City, in which another member of the Dark Brotherhood later assassinated him. This was the finest moment in Katherine's life as she received great amounts of wealth for her services and enjoyed taking lives with her blade.


Katherine was killed during the massacre of the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in Cheydinhal. Apparently, she was beheaded while she slept in the living quarters of the sanctuary. When her corpse was disposed, members of the Mythic Dawn claimed her headless body and made a robe with her skin, this unholy robe was later recovered by Robin Ledranas, also known as The Grey Fox. A Breton Mage called Lezadro Sinceros found Katherine’s head and analyzed the tattoos on her face for his research on Necromancy.

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