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Kalingbron was a warrior that accomplished many grand deeds in the Fourth Era of Nirn. Most notable of these feats was the fact that he united the Knights of the Nine by defeating Umaril the Unfeathered, and later leading a Holy Crusade into the Land of Ruundo.

Early LifeEdit

Kalingbron was raised near the Southern Border of Skyrim, on a small estate far to the east of Falkreath, called Korgson Manor. This building was a very widely known place in both Falkreath and Bruma, as were its owners. Kalingbron was just another noble Nord to the people of Nirn, at least until events would trigger fantastic events that would assure Kalingbron's place in the annals of history.

At the early age of six, Kalingbron was taught (like most children in southern Skyrim) how to wield many different weapons. His father found that he was particularly skilled in both sword and bow, very rare for the average Nord, who preffered an axe over a "butter knife", as they would call a blade.

By the age of 13, Kalingbron was a fully-fledged page to his father, Kalingbron I. Kalingbron I was a well-respected knight, part of a long line of well-respected knights. He expected his son to do the same as every man in his family. He had no idea how right he would be.


Just before Kalingbron's 18th birthday, he was sent by his father to travel across the Skyrim border to pick up some supplies from Bruma, many miles from their estate. He was given a sword, bow, shield, and horse, and told to hurry, for there would be a small window of opportunity. Confused and startled, Kalingbron obeyed his father's wishes, and set off to see Cyrodiil, or the "green country", for the first time in his life.

As he was traveling to Bruma, a bandit waylaid the innocent young man. Wearing strange purple robes, and wielding a wicked blade, the bandit attempted to kill Kalingbron without even asking for a toll, like the average brigand of the day. But the thief didn't know who he was dealing with. After a short duel, Kalingbron struck his assailant down, and without thinking twice, set his horse to a fast gallop towards Bruma. He didn't notice that as he made his killing stroke, the black blade disappeared, a trademark of a conjurer.

Within a few days, Kalingbron arrived at Bruma, and was surprised to find many other Nords, all very friendly to him. But it was the Skyrim like culture and landscape that made him feel at home. He entered Castle Bruma to speak to the Countess. She told him that his father's "supplies" were here. As Kalingbron was readying to leave the Castle, the Countess offered him a room in the inn, free of charge. Kalingbron hesitantly accepted, thinking that his father would understand if he was a day late. Kalingbron traveled back across the Skyrim border, and was near his father's estate when he saw a thick cloud of black smoke in the sky, near his home. With many emotions traveling through him all at once, he hurried back to his house to find a group of purple-robed warriors battling his father on the charred remnants of his home. Kalingbron grabbed his sword and rushed into the battle. His father fought like a madman, but his valiant attempt to kill the assassins himself failed. One of the warriors struck him in his back, presumably the leader of the assault. After Kalingbron I fell to the ground, the assassins disappeared, slinking away. At least, most of them.

Kalingbron managed to subdue one of the strange men, and proceeded to ask him, "Who are you." The man laughed, and with a gurgle of blood, died. Kalingbron hurried over to his father, and was shocked to find him alive, with a parchment in his hand. He shoved the paper into his son's hands, and died. Kalingbron, heartbroken that not only was his home gone, but his mother and father were both dead. He understood know why the bandit on the road didn't ask for money. Because he wasn't a bandit at all! Just a clumsy assassin. And whoever killed his family had done so for a reason. Kalingbron remembered the paper still in his hands. He opened the folded parchment, and read,

On the day of tragedy, a hero shall rise. On the day of his trial, enemies will be made. And after the death of the enemy, the hero shall vanquish his oppressors, and the day of reckoning shall be at hand for the Band. -Long live the hero, the champion of light!


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