These are a series of journal entries writen by Nicolaus II Aurelix his during journeys.

Entries dated on year 388th of 3rd EraEdit

Marauder attackEdit

1st of Second Seed

Tonight when on patrol our squad was ambushed by Marauders. Captain Lucius Valen was killed immediately by an arrow shot by one of the Marauder archers. Despite the fact that we were outnumbered we were better equipped and managed to hold off the arrows without shields. I assumed command while we fell back to better defensive positions up on the nearby ruins of an old hill fort. Thanks to the fog we were able to lost the Marauders for a while and buy us enough time to set up our defense in the fort ruins. We waited for almost an hour until Julius saw movement in the woods north of us. It seemed that the Marauders were trying to flank us but this time we had the high ground. I ordered the man to ready their bows and fire at my command. We waited in the ruins silently. The Marauders soon arrived to our location and when they were in the middle of the ruins, we fired upon them quickly causing huge casualties to them. I threw my bow to the ground and rushed towards their leader my sword ready. Lusius and others did the same and rushed to deal with the remaining Marauders. It didn't take me long to disarm the leader, it seemed that he hadn't had much of training in melee combat. He tried to beg for his life while his men had been already slain but the punishment for assaulting Imperial Legion soldiers is death. So I had no choice than to slay him. A quick swing with my sword was enough to take off his head.

I told my men to collect any valuables from the Marauders they could find and to retrieve the body of Captain Valen before we headed back to the Imperial Legion barracks in Imperial City.

Tonight we lost a great man but I won’t let his death be for nothing, from this day forth I will take it on my personal mission to dispose bandits and marauders from all of Tamriel.


2nd of Second Seed

This morning I was promoted to the rank of Captain and given the command of the squad by my father who had been impressed by my actions last night. I will take good care of my men and make sure that they have the best training and equipment.

My first mission as a Captain of my squad is to investigate bandit activity in the Kvatch area. We will set off in an hour and hopefully we will make it there before dark.

Sights of KvatchEdit

4th of Second Seed

We arrived to Kvatch two days ago and we are still haven't been able to find out any bandits on the area, even the locals seem not to know anything about them. Last night we were sitting in the tavern with Julius and Amadus when I saw the most beautiful being in whole Tamriel. She was beautiful, as the best jewels in the Imperial jewelry. I didn't have the courage to ask her name but I will do...some day.

We will continue the search of bandits again tomorrow morning by searching the northern caves for any activity.

Nothing to reportEdit

5th of Second Seed

Today we searched the caves near the city but we were unable to find any signs of bandit activity in them. We managed to find few scrolls of some sort of Brotherhood. There were no dates on the scrolls but I was able to translate them and found out that some sort of slaughter had happened to them years ago. Some of the scrolls were written with some old strange language that I wasn't able to recognize, I ordered the man to take them with us. Maybe someone on the Arcane University is able to read the scrolls.

Tonight I am going to ask the girls name and maybe ask her to dance with me too.

Still nothingEdit

29th of Second Seed

We have stayed in Kvatch for several weeks now and still we have not been able to find those bandits. I'm starting to think that they have left the city long time ago. I also managed to get the name of the girl; her name is Isabella of Colovia. We have spent many weeks together now and I think I’m soon going to ask her to marry me.

I will send the men to their families for few months now and I myself will stay in Kvatch for few months.

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