Jorvald the Beastial was a werewolf Dragonborn? and Harbingers born in Skyrim 400 years before the events of Helgen. Jorvald the Beastial's favored weapon was the Hearthfire.

Jorvald and the forging of HearthfireEdit

The Dragonborn Jorvald was part of the Septim? Companions and? Harbinger. He was cast out from the? Whiterun Hold? after being discovered as a werewolf. When he was thrown into the streets, Hircine, Daedric God of the Hunt, gave Jorvald the ability of 3 werewolf transformations per every two hours. After several days of poverty, Jorvald had transformed into a werewolf outside the Markarth and had killed forty people. When he returned to the city he started to steal leather and steel to forge armor and weapons. In fact he was the creator? of the first Wolf Armor. After forging a steel greatsword he disguised himself as? an enchanter? and had enchanted his weapon ,on the first of Hearthfire, to do fire damage that is amplified throughout Hearthfire.? ?

Death and Fate of HearthfireEdit

After Jorvald's death from fighting off Forsworn? in Markarth, Hearthfire was then moved to Jorvald's Crypt? ? that was robbed and lost it's magical power.? After several years someone who walked into the crypt was worthy enough and Jorvald's wolf spirit was awakened to challenge the worthy opponent. After being defeated Jorvald's human form was realeased into? Sovngarde and Hearthfire was awakened.

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