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Jorren McClellan
Biographical information
  • Farrun, High Rock
  • Shornhelm, High Rock

Morning Star, 4E 181


Mid Year, 4E 202 (21)

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Chronological and political information
  • Fourth

Jorren McClellan was the second child of Stewart McClellan IV and Welynn McClellan. He was a scholar, an athlete, and renowned duelist in High Rock. Despite being the second son, he was Stewart's first choice as heir. Jorren married Elaine Karpovic in 4E 199, and they had a daughter, Erma McClellan. Jorren along with the most of the McClellan family was murdered in Mid Year, 4E 202.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Jorren was known all around High Rock for his charisma, charms, and looks. He was tall, with tanned skin, and a strong lean build. He had a very charming face, with dark blue eyes, and short brown hair. He was often clean shaven. He had a very calm personality, and was quite the comedian at times as well. The young man was also very renowned through the land as an expert duelist, and often participated in tournaments across High Rock.


Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Jorren was born in Shornhelm, in Morning Star of 4E 181. Growing up he was a rather chubby child, but as he reached 9 years of age he began to grow into quite the athlete. He was becoming everything a good ruler needed to be, and Stewart recognized this. He planned on placing Jorren's older brother Tyron McClellan at the head of the High Rock Treasury, so Jorren himself could have Lordship of Shornhelm.

After his mother's death in 4E 191, Stewart began concentrating on grooming Jorren to take his spot on the throne of Shornhelm. Jorren began learning the trades of a Lord, politics, war, tactics, etiquette, and so on. He became involved with the young Elaine Karpovic.

Marriage, Parenthood, and KnighthoodEdit

Jorren and Elaine married in Mid Year of 4E 197, before they could have a child however, Jorren attended a two year long journey across Tameriel with the High Rock Council. He returned in 199, and that year, the two had a baby girl, named Erma. She was the first girl to be born in the McClellan family in two generations. Jorren was also became a royal knight in the High Rock Royal Army.

Sacking of ShornhelmEdit

In Mid Year of 4E 202, Jorren was present in Shornhelm when Varys Dorrian attacked the city. Jorren found his wife murdered in their bedroom, and slayed the vampire that killed her. In a blind rage he began cutting his way through the attackers, trying to find his daughter. Instead he found Dorrian himself, standing over his father. Jorren attacked the vampire, and nearly killed him, however, Dorrian's minions intervened, and overpowered the McClellan son and mortally wounded him. Dorrian assured Jorren his daughter and the rest of his family would die, he then left him to die. His younger brother soon finds him, and he dies in Taylor's arms.

After the city was raided, Jorren's body was discovered and moved to his family crypt in Baleria.