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Jorl Pure-Shield

Jorl  Pure-ShieldEdit

Jorl Pure-Shield, a hero of The New Kingdom of Atmora and a veteran of Skyrim's civil war. He has been know for his strong leadership and excellent swordmanship, only being taught by the best. He died a hero, saving the kingdoms queen, Natalia Northwind and his name is remeber through Atmora's history.


Early lifeEdit

Jorl Pure-Shield was born in the mining town of Shor’s stone in the year 175 of the fourth era. Soon after his birth his parents struck rich in the mines and decided to move to Windhelm to raise young Jorl to have a better life. From there Jorl learned from a private tutor about the history of Skyrim and how to learn a blade. In both these subjects he excelled and by the time he was fifteen he became a great swordsman and a natural leader. It then came to a point where Jorl bested his tutor in sword play and his tutor, seeing his apprentice best him never picked up another sword again. Jorl then after besting his master became a city guard hoping to put his skills to the test against bandits and beasts. He loved protecting the people of Skyrim from dangers but that soon ended when the civil war in Skyrim begun fuelled by the death of High King Torygg by the voice of Ulfic Stormcloak. Jorl being a guard for Windhelm reluctantly joined the Stormcloak rebellion. 

Skyrim's civil warEdit

Because of his position as a high ranking guard, Jorl was given the command of captain, of a small squad of Stormcloaks. They played a small part in the war harassing imperial camps and caravans in the area around Morthal. After weeks hiding out in the swamps and ambushing imperial lines, Jorl was ordered to investigate the large number of people gathering near Dawnstar, where he met Natalia Northwind. After talking with her at great length he decided to abandon the Stormcloaks and join Natalia’s crusade for a land of peace.     

Journey to AtmoraEdit

As a strong nord, Jorl Pure-shield was set to work with the small lumber parties that felled trees for the necessary for the boats. This was a dangerous job as these lumber parties were regularly prayed on by bandits and deserters from both armies. It was also a difficult job and required a lot of hard work to take down the trees.

 During one of these trips the entire group was attacked by bandits and Jorl had his chance to prove himself a swordsman. He destroyed the group of bandits with ease surprising the others and was carried back to Natalia a hero. Natalia seeing his worth assigned him with the job of selecting able bodied men to protect the lumber groups as they chopped down trees for the ships. It became apparent that once he was protecting the groups that bandit raids became less apparent and the process of building ships became faster by the day.

After a few weeks with Jorl protecting the lumber parties the work was done, and Jorl was congratulated for his efforts by Natalia. The people then boarded the ships and begun to set sail for Atmora.

For Jorl the journey was hard, he suffered from seasickness every step of the way and his boat that he chose to sail on nearly sunk in the ferocious weather. But his heart was lifted when one of the boats in front of them sighted land and all of the boats were landed on the icy shores of Atmora.

Arrival and SettlementEdit

Natalia seeing the old Nordic fishing village wasted no time in getting it prepared sending Jorl and a few others to fortify the village against any beast that might wander on the icy plains. After most of the work was done he was then summoned to Natalia and given a task to complete. With a few others he was to scout the surrounds to see what lay in the icy fields that were Atmora.

A day and a half passed while wandering the icy waste when Jorl spotted something he could not have believed existed here in Atmora. A Dwemer outpost half buried in the icy and snow. Jorl believed this would be the salvation of the people and with his men hurried back to tell Natalia what they had saw. Because of their hurry the journey back thankfully only took the rest of the remaining day as sunset faded over Lost Shelter. There Jorl told Natalia everything they saw whom did not believe him. However her mind soon changed when she was warned of a terrible storm coming with Lost Shelter in its path. Then Natalia had no choice but to trust Jorl on his word and lead the people to the Dwemer outpost.

Once they made it Jorl was assigned by Natalia to scout out the outpost and clear it of all the ancient Dwemer machines. He and a few trusted warriors did this with ease as the machines were isolated all over the ruins and easy to take out when they were alone. Then they discovered something that took his breath away, a large cavern filled with plants and trees supported by a great shining crystal. This he had to tell Natalia immediately, and when he did Natalia almost didn’t believe him again but none the less she was shocked by this discovery. Thanks to Jorls discovery, seeds could be planted that they took from Skyrim in this cavern solving the starvation problem they faced before. Now the New Atmoran’s could finally have a life of peace and Natalia named the place after that, Lot Drem (Great peace). 

After the crystal was raised Jorl went on to be Natalia’s guardsmen guarding the newly made council chambers. He did this for a good amount of years until The New Kingdom of Atmora was threatened by the Bruniik Jul.   


Jorl on one fateful day was summoned by Natalia to talk on the rising threat that was now called the Bruniik Jul. He arrived at the chambers and Natalia told him she was going to form an army to combat these beasts, and protect the outlying settlements of the kingdom. She then went on to say that he should be placed at the head of such an army because of experience in Skyrims Civil War, a position he reluctantly accepted.

From there Natalia ordered Jorl to recruit as many men and women he could muster and after a month he came up with 150 soldiers ready for battle. From there he was called Commander Jorl and he was set to march on the Bruniik Jul threat to protect the outlying settlements.

At first after the many small skirmishes against the beasts Jorl had conquered many tribes of the Bruniik Jul, and he was successfully warding them away from the settlements. These small skirmishes’ continued on for the better part of a month and they had lost four men to the fighting. But for Jorl progress showed as the Bruniik Jul attacks on settlements begun to recede and they saw less and less of the beasts. However after marching on to the northern most settled region, Jorl received word of a larger Bruniik Jul threat, bigger than they had ever seen passing by a small village. Jorl seeing this threat needed to be dealt with moved his men to intercept and were surprised to see two hundred of the beasts rallied against him.

The battle that followed was on of Commander Jorl's greatest military achievements. It was called the Battle of the Beasts by the bard’s and was a great victory for the Atmoran Army and one to celebrate. Jorl himself killed no less than seven of the beasts, a worthy number to make him a great warrior.

Military AdvisorEdit

After the battle, Jorl was personally honoured by Natalia back at Lot Drem. A statue of him was erected and he was given the position of military advisor to the council that Natalia had formed. His duties for the next few months was the following clean-up of the Bruniik Jul remanets hiding out in the mountains of Atmora, a task he succeeded in as not many sightings of the creatures happened after his purge.


On the 13th of second seed 4E 217 Commander Jorl was killed by a surprise attack by a mysterious race of Shadows. He, like so many of the other councillors was attending a meeting in the heart of Lot Drem about the distribution of the [[Atmoran Army around the Atmoran kingdom. It was then when the shadows struck murdering many of the councillors in their seats. Jorl seeing this immediately rushed to Natalia’s aid and tried to ward of the attacker’s as they both made their escape. But Jorl before they could was struck down by a bolt of magic fired by one of the shadows. Another statue of him was erected in his honour after the War against Shadows for his courage and valour in saving the queen.


His personality matches that, as he is observing and silent, making his thoughts before speaking about his opinion. Jorl is one to think through things before acting, not wanting to run into a situation unprepared.

Skills And traitsEdit

Jorl is a great swords man and a natural leader from his time in the city guard and the Stormcloaks and the training of his tutor.