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Jay Wylind
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The Lord


Imperial City, Cyrodiil, Tamriel


3E 117

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1.93 meters

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Jay Leeiam-Quincy Septim Wylind (born 3E 117) was the Crown Prince of Tamriel, member of the Elder Council, and grandmaster of The Blades.


Early lifeEdit

Born in 3E 117 in the Imperial City's palace, Jay Wylind was born into royalty, his father, Leeiam Wylind-Septim, being the Emperor of Tamriel. Wylind was named after his father, from which he got "Leeiam", "Wylind", and "Septim", and also received the name of his late uncle, Jay Quincy. From the moment of his birth, Wylind was dubbed the Crown Prince of Tamriel, and heir to the throne. While becoming a young-adult, Wylind witnessed his mother's assassination, which began a time of turmoil for the royal family. Emperor Septim ordered Wylind to be placed under full-time protection from The Blades. In 3E 135, at the age of eighteen, Wylind joined The Blades, instantly being promoted to grandmaster. In addition, Wylind joined the Order of the Dragon, serving as an honorary member. Wylind also became more active in the politics of the Empire, aiding his father and acting as an ambassador or diplomat for the Empire in foreign regions. Wylind's already existing popularity increased, with people awaiting his ascension to the throne, claiming he would become a better emperor than his father was, Emperor Leeiam. Wylind often appeared at public ceremonies or trials of criminals, offering what he referred to as "royal justice".

War of MorrowindEdit

In 3E 138, Wylind, aged 21, was awoken from sleep one night by a Blades knight, and was informed that his father, Emperor Leeiam, had been murdered. Leeiam had been walking through the safety of the Imperial Palace when a Mythic Dawn assassin attacked him, fatally impaling the Emperor with a longsword. Despite the palace guards' attempts, no traces of the assassins were found. Three days later, a massive funeral was held at Green Emperor Way, with the late emperor receiving a tombstone and a statue, in honor of the monarch. Arch-Mage Velki and several monks conducted the funeral, saying prayers and placing blessings on the late emperor's soul. The following day, in the Imperial City's Arboretum, Wylind, in front of hundreds of onlookers, was crowned the new emperor of Tamriel by Arch-Mage Velki. As previous tradition, Wylind left The Blades, allowing a new grandmaster to take his place. Wylind received much praise from the citizens of Cyrodiil, with them claiming he would be a well-suited emperor to lead them.

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