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"I studied politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy."
―Karoth Ultrin Sargtli
Karoth Ultrin Sargtlin


Izraki Daedric Prince of Conquest, Warfare, and Enslavement
Physical description


Male (Genderless)


Atmoran (Daedra)

Eye color(s)

Greenish-Blue (Yellow)

Hair color


Skin Color

Pale White




260 Pounds

Biographical information


Merethic Era


Middle Merethic Era


Warlord (Daedric Prince)


The Warrior


Warlord (Daedric Prince)


Unknown Sons

Political information


Daedric Prince, Warlord, Conqueror, and Slaver

Other name(s)



Mehrunes Dagon


Merethic Era


 Izraki, born Karoth Ultrin Sargtlin, is the  Daedric Prince of Conquest, Warfare, and Enslavement. His sphere spans from simple slave drivers to full fledged warlods. As a mortal Karoth walked the lands of Tamerial both conquering and enslaving its peoples until his death, and Apotheosis.


Karoth Ultrin Sargtlin was generally unknown until he began his conquring of Skyrim. His life was a mystery until he came into the spotlight after the age of the Return.

Mortal Life-ChildhoodEdit

Karoth was born into a Atmoran familiy in the region of Mereth to a warrior and his wife after they fled the civil war of Atmora. His childhood was ordinary and civil for most of his life until he hit the age of twelve in which the Mer of Mereth, Snow elves, came and slaughtered everyone including his family. Though it was assumed that only Ysgramor and his two sons survived only that was false as Karoth was surviving, barly off the land of Mereth. Vowing his life to show his reveange Karoth waited for the time when he knew that the Atmoran Warriors would arrive.

Mortal Life- The Age of ReturnEdit

During the Age of Return Karoth was finally able to watch, and partake in, his reveange of the Mer who called themselves Snow Elves. Fighting alongside Ysgramor and his five hundred companions Karoth was able to do what he dreamed off for years. Though his bloodshedding and destruction Karoth came in contact with the Daedric Prince of Destruction Mehrunes Dagon.

Mortal Life- Daedric WorshipEdit

After coming in contact with Mehrunes Dagon Karoth met with a small cult that worked in the name of said Daedric Prince. Working with them to destroy and kill Mer, so to not anger the Companions and Ysgramor. It was through his Daedra Worship that Karoth found his passion. Taking what was not his, Conquering those who were weaker then him.

Mortal Life- Warlord DaysEdit

Abandoning his cult, but never leaving the eye of Dagon, Karoth became a warlord and began to conqure tiny pieces of Mereth hoping to conqure it all. Having no Mer to hunt and conqure Karoth turned his attention to his brothers and sisters the Atmoran. Taking the fight directly to Ysgramor Karoth died just five days after his process of conquring Mereth.

Daedric Life- The StartEdit

Mehrunes Dagon shocked and amazed that his former worshipper would turn from destroying to conquring Dagon kept his gaze on Karoth wondering if his former worshipper would succeed in his quest of warfare. Though Dagon knew much about Karoth from watching him he was also shocked that said mortal took the fight right to Ysgramor to fight him in one on one combat in which he lasted only a hour. Mehrunes Dagon for unknown reasons brought upon Apotheosis unto his former worshipper.

Daedric Life- Taking of a piece of The Mad RealmEdit

Though just a newly created Daedra Karoth watched and learned from his former god Mehrunes learning how to act and behave as a Daedra. Seeing a oppurtunity to take a piece of land from Jyggalag who was at one time a powerful Daedric Prince, so powerful that the other Princes began to fear his power. As a result, they cursed him to live in opposition of everything he stood for, to live the life of a madman and bring chaos and insanity rather than order and logic. After thousands of years of Greymarchs Izraki had chipped away at Sheogorath's realm and once the Hero of Kvatch became Sheogorath he took off a small "bite" of The Shivering Isles and forged his own Plane of Oblivion, Coriath Land of Conquerors. After his taking of a piece of the Shivering Isles Karoth took up the name Izraki.


As A MortalEdit

As a mortal Karoth was a pale and sturdy Atmoran male who was around seven feet tall and weighed around 260 pounds. He was generally hidden behind a suit of pale white armor the color of snow. Though under the armor he had pitch black hair with greenish-blue eyes that sparkled with a love of war
Hydra by Ruth Tay

The Hydra from which Izraki is pictured as.

As a DaedraEdit

As a Daedra Kartoth, now Izraki, took the form of either his recreated form which was his Mortal form but with yellow eyes instead of his charaistic greenish-blue, or he took on his second form which most of his Cultists picture him as. The fearsome beast known as The Hydra. Symbolishing that war will allows exist aslong as others exist and that Izraki will be forever as long as feelings still exist in mortals. In his Hydra Form Izraki is a gigantic serpent with over one hundred heads all with some type of Horns or Tusks with pitch-black scales and greenish-blue eyes on all of the serpent heads. The diffrent styles of scales on each head signifes the changes and diffrences in each war. Its said in legends that each war adds another head to Izraki's Hydra form.


Though most assume because he worshipped Mehrunes Dagon that Karoth was a blood thirsty destroyer when in reality he was quite the opposite. Prefering to conqure instead of destroy, to enslave instead of kill. But similar to his former master Karoth had hidden lust for Warfare desiring the feeling of fighting amongst his equals and lessers. Izraki has a hidden respect for those who can defeat him in combat.


Being a conqueror Karoth, Izraki, had need of skills of fighting. Prefering the use of two-handed weapons, such as his fabled Axe of Conqest, Izraki needed great strength to wield said weapons. Unlike most users of two-handed weapons he also at times used a unortodox method of wielding his axes with only one hand, which said much about his strength. Generally a slower person Karoth made up with this for his strength and stamina.


Being a Daedric Lord Izraki had a number of artifacts which he gave to his champions and anyone who proved themselves worthy of them and the titles they brought.

The Axe of ConquestEdit

The fabled two-handed axe that Izraki fought Ysgramor with. The blade of the axe had a curve in it which users could use to lock their oppenonts blades with. The Axe had a number of enchanments on it such as the ability to burst into flames, lightning, or ice. Though every use of the blade causes a fraction of the users soul to go to Coriath  to be a slave forever.

The Rending GauntletEdit

Easily the most sought after of the two artifacts. The Rending Gauntlet had the uniqure enchanment of allowing its user to create any sort of weapon, enchanted or otherwise, from Life-energy. Using the Rending Gauntlet users would be able to easily and effectifly switch weapons within a matter of seconds. The use of the gauntlet drained life-energy and strengthed the Daedric Prince himself.

Coriath the Land of ConquerorsEdit

Coriath is the Daedric Realm of Izraki. It is in this place that numerous servents of Izraki go only to be killed, resurrected, enslaved, and then killed again for all eternity. This place is known as Land of Conquerors and also its more correct name Land of Eternal Warfare for its rulers, Titans of War, constantly fight amongst themselves for land, slaves, and favour from their Lord.

Notable Places within CoriathEdit

The Hydra PitsEdit

The Hydra Pits takes up about twenty percent of Coriath and is in the deepest part Coriath. It is fluided with both water and massive snakes. Inside the Hydra Pits is the throne room of Izraki in which he waits and waits for a champion to summon or challange him.