Commander of the Skyrim Army, Slayer of Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht
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Haafinger, Skyrim

“Those cursed Daedra worshippers have sloughtered our families. They've destroyed our homes. Will we let them continue? No! We will take a stand... and destroy any cursed fool who dares stand in our way.”
―Ivalie Jorrenne, to her depressed army

Ivalie 'Skyhunter' Jorrenne was a famous commander in the 7th era. She became a soldier when she was only fifteen, and became Commander when she was seventeen. However, Ivalie did not become famous until she was eighteen, and defeated Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht in Skyrim War II.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Ivalie was born in the village of Hyroom, just north of Skyrim's capital city, Haafinger. Her parents taught her how to take care of animals and protect the village by the time she was ten. However, Ivalie also taught herself how to use a bow and arrow, and was a master at hunting by the time she was merely thirteen. Ivalie, just two years later, decided to join Skyrim's army as a recruit. She climbed her way up for two years, until she was the Commander of the entire Skyrim Army. That was when Skyrim went to war for the second time against Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht.

Skyrim War II Edit

Ivalie led her army to Ohtyoodtroht's Island and created a war camp within the first week of the war. Half of her massive army then went to destroy Starfield, the closest city to their encampment. While her army was gone, she called in reinforcements from Skyrim's ally, Cyrodiil. Their Legion officers then created advanced weapons and fences to protect the camp. By the time her army came back, Ivalie had over eight hundred soldiers on her side. She decided to destroy a few villages, and came back with around one hundred more men to serve her. In 7E, 690, Ivalie and the Skyrim Army stormed Serpantsoul and captured around fifty men, and killed anyone who refused to serve her, including the local nobility.

Destruction of Sorrowlock Edit

Ivalie and her army of around a thousand continued to make their way towards Sorrowlock for three years. When they arrived, Ivalie ordered her army to split up and attack all four districts at once, while she went to capture the Queen. When Ivalie and her men had finished, they attacked Azura's Palace and made their way up to the throne room to capture Yakuri, the Queen of Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht. Once they finally arrived, they realized Yakuri had poisoned herself to avoid capture of her enemy. Ivalie declared victory, and took the survivors of Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht to live in Skyrim.

Death Edit

Ivalie retired when she turned thirty. She lived for another eighteen years in peace, when she was accused of murder unjustly, and was executed by the new captain of the Skyrim Army, her sister, Iris Kaveli.

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