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Isla Fjofgarr
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Isla Fjofgarr

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Lakeview Manor, Falkreath


Lori the Battle Hastened



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“Tonight we fight!”
―Isla Fjofgarr

Isla Fjofgarr was a Circle member (the Companions) in Skyrim for several years before beginning her life as a recruit in the Skyrim Army during a siege on the province. Not all is known about Isla, but what can be pieced together shows that she was a wealthy woman, owing her riches to her husband who had fought tirelessly against renegades and outlaws up until his death in 3E 265.

History Edit

Early lifeEdit

Isla was born into a poor family who lived in Riften. Her father, Griffin Beastblade, was once a noted warrior, however, he was injured in a fight and couldn't provide for his wife and 3 children. At the age of 5, Isla began to show her potential as a warrior and her father used the remnants of his riches to pay for a man to come in and train Isla. It wasn't long before she found that she had a particular gift for donning fine armor and a shield - at the age of 10, she got into a fight and hit a man in the face with her shield, thus earning her the title of Bloodied Shield. Working her way out of poverty, she earned enough money to leave Riften and move to Whiterun, where her unique talent for blades and shields became noted and she was recruited into the Companions.

Life in the CompanionsEdit

At first, Isla did not fit in with the Companions - she was carefree, and fought her way upwards from a life in Riften (a place where, at the time, many members of the Companions regarded as criminal territory), she was hot-headed and most of all, she felt that having a Shield-sibling wasn't needed; she'd often run into battles alone and end up carted back by one of the Khajiit caravans that passed through.

Despite the rough start, however, she made friends after a month or so and began to accept the fact that she'd be at the side of another Companion: someone to serve her, and someone she would serve in turn. She was becoming more noticed by other members of the Companions and after three months of being a Shield-sister, she was sent on a mission crucial to the Companions: retrieval of a piece of the Wuuthrad. To locate the fragment, she had to go to a Dwemer ruin south of Winterhold with Aerin and Dante the Honorbound. Whilst there, however, they each became separated, and the future seemed bleak. After an hour, Isla regrouped with Dante, and found out that Aerin had been killed by some sort of Dwemer contraption, once more, the two Companions believed their end was near. It took them just over ten minutes to locate Aerin, and according to Companion logbooks, Isla performed restoration magic to bring Aerin back to life and together, they found the fragment of the Wuuthrad - however, this is merely speculation at this point.

Whatever the truth, Isla returned to Jorvaskkr and was swiftly anointed a member of the Circle. It was then when she met her to-be-husband - Lori the Battle-Hastened. He'd saved her after she almost died in an ambush of Silver Hand members.

“It seems to be, that all I cared for was blood and money, but now I see what's truly important in life.”
―Isla Fjofgarr (in referance to adopting a child)

 She remained a member of the Companions for 8 years, whilst marrying Lorkan and buying a plot of land near Dawnstar, building her estate up brick by brick. After the estate was finally built (complete with her own armory!), Isla chose to adopt two young children. It was this child who made Isla realise that being a Companion wasn't as important as it had been in her youth. She put down her blade and quit from the Companions; despite this, she was still highly regarded to the Companions.

The Bittersweet MemoriesEdit

Isla lived in her estate peacefully for several years, providing for her family by making armour and supplying Dawnstar traders with the crops she grew, and the produce she farmed. She lived the quiet life there for 3 years, before a bandit raid on the estate.

The bandits, however, weren't random: the bandit leader, Cruci Stonehardt, was killed by Isla 6 years previous, and the new bandit leader wanted revenge. The esate was burned down, her kids were held hostage and her husband was killed in front of her. The bandits didn't find Isla for half an hour, at this point, Isla had been hiding in the armory, prepping herself for a tiring fight. This brought back the thrill of fighting for her, and many people believe this is the reason why Isla began fighting again, but it is unclear. Isla killed the bandits and rescued her children, but they were later sent to the Honorhall Orphanage in Riften, as Isla believed it would be safer for them there.

“Remember, I love you, both of you - I will meet you once again in the future, in Sovngarde, never forget that I love you.”
―-Isla's letter to her children

For the remainder of her life (she would continue living for 16 years), she fought bandits and outlaws hiding out in ruins and forts. She became a sort of hero amongst the people living in the wild forests, and she never forgot about Alesan, and every first Loredas of every month, she sent him a cut of all she made and a letter. According to the owner of Honorhall, Isla visited the almost-adult Alesan before Isla was killed in a battle, but nobody else at the orphanage can confirm this, except for a letter wrote by Isla, to her children which stated she loved them, and that they should carry on the lineage of the strong, Fjofgarr name.

Personality Edit

It is said that Isla was rather carefree and treated life as one big joke. The people who worked with her through her life regard her as a noble soul, one who would give up everything (including her own life) to save just one person from death, or from the poverty that Isla had to endure as a young child. Because of her kind-nature, her estate was also passed down to a family of seven, who had previously been living in poverty in Riften just as Isla did.