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The Imperial Library was a location in the city of Arenthia in Valenwood. Since the beginning Third Era, it was revered as the largest known accumulation of literature in all of the Empire.

By the Fifth Era, during the events of The Elder Scrolls VI: Plainswalker, the library contains multiple copies of every generic, non-skill book available in the game stocked repetitively on shelves, with certain, rare skill books scattered randomly throughout the collection.

The head librarian Artur Herotus, will have the Plainswalker run errands such as finding generic books missing from the collection in his or her travels, all of which warrant a small sum of gold as a reward worth slightly more than the book does when it is sold regularly.



The Imperial Library was established sometime during the early years of the Third Era under a different name by a group of Imperial historians from Cyrodiil. It began as a humble collection of a dozen or so books, however, its collection of literature rapidly accumulated over the next few years, partly due to the golden age marked by the start of the new era. During the year 3E 9, the Emperor Tiber Septim claimed the library for the Empire and made it the largest official collection of literature available to commoners.

The Fifth EraEdit

The library was still in existence at the start of the Fifth Era, even though the outbreak of the Second Great War was causing the amount of visitors that the library was receiving or a regular basis to decline. The library was in disarray, and even missing some books until the arrival of the Plainswalker in 5E 25. The main librarian at the time, Artur Herotus, informs the Plainswalker of the library's current state.

Given that the Plainswalker decides to help Artur restore the library to its previous state, many of the missing books are retured, and the quality of the library begins to improve, gradually.

Book collectionEdit

Generic booksEdit

Skill books=Edit


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