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Imperial House of Stormrider
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Maximus Stormrider


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Colonizing of Battlespire

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The Imperial House of Stormrider was the family that governed Battlespire from its first days of colonization until its destruction by the hands of the Daedra. It later dissapeared but was reorganized to keep order in Cyrodiil after the end of the Septim dynasty. It was founded by Lord Maximus Stormrider one of the most powerful Imperials of his time and was continued down until Jagar Stormrider's reign until his pact with the Daedra, when the Daedra destroyed Battlespire. With Jagar's death however the House was destroyed. Tiberius Stormrider later reorganized the whole family with his headquarters first at Frostcrag and then at Battlehorn. The family currently acts as the ruling one because the is no one to succed the House of Septim, and because of the governmental unstability.