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Symbol of House Grailin

House Grailin (pronounced grey-lin) is the noble house of the city of Kvatch following its reconstruction in the wake of the Oblivion Crisis. House Grailin can trace its origins to Alexander Grailin, the Hero of Kvatch, who was given the title Count of Kvatch for his part in averting Mehrunes Dagon's attempt to conquer Nirn. The sigil of the house is the Grey Raven. It has a long standing rivalry with the noble house of Cheydinhal, House Erivectes.



During the Oblivion Crisis the city of Kvatch was sacked by Daedric forces serving Mehrunes Dagon. After Martin Septim and the Hero of Kvatch, who was named as such for breaking the siege of Kvatch, ending Mehrunes attempt to conquer Nirn: Kvatch was rebuilt. It was a long, difficult process, but eventually the city was returned to its former glory.

However an issue arose. When Kvatch was destroyed its count, Ormellius Goldwine was slain. Furthermore his family also met its end during that Hellish battle. With no one to govern Kvatch, a new Count had to be appointed. For a time there was a great deal of squabbling amongst the nobility of Cyrodiil. Many wanted to attain the power an prestige that the count of the second largest city in Cyrodiil would possess. The infighting got so bad that there were cases of nobles assassinating one another.

Fed up with the issue Chancellor Ocato came to an unorthodox decision. He presented the chance to rule Kvatch to the Alexander Grailin. Alexander had saved Cyrodiil, and likely the world. Furthermore he had continued to protect and serve the realm long after the crisis had ended. The Chancellor had felt that Alexander deserved a reward better than simply making him a part of the Knights of the Dragon, and he believed that Alexander would make the best candidate for the new Count. It helped that he was already beloved by the people of Kvatch, who still thanked him for his efforts when Kvatch was under siege.

While Alexander was reluctant to leave his adventuring lifestyle, he eventually agreed. Thus he became the first Count of Kvatch since its reconstruction. Many historians believe that this was Kvatch's golden age. Alexander had strong ties with many of Cyrodiil's most powerful organizations, and he used his reputation and his relationships to benefit Kvatch. Under his leadership Kvatch not only recovered from the devastation it had endured, but in fact grew to be even more prosperous than before.

The hero took a wife, and together they had children. His descendents would continue to rule Kvatch. The fact that the Hero of Kvatch became the progenitor of House Grailin was slowly forgotten, and in fact many within the family forgot this as well. Despite this House Grailin continued to grow in status, becoming one of Cyrodiil's most powerful noble families.

Rivalry with ErivectesEdit

A similar issue popped up again in Cheydinhal when Count Andel Indarys passed away. Prior to the Oblivion Crisis the Count's wife passed away when she fell down the stairs. To make matters worse when an Oblivion Gate was opened outside of Cheydinhal the Count's son, Farwil Indarys took the Knights of the Thorn in the gate to close it. The endevour was disastrous. Not only were the Knights of the Thorn wiped out, but Farwil Indarys was slain despite the best efforts of the Hero of Kvatch to save him.

Count Indarys lost his successor, and never remarried. Thus when Count Indarys finally did succumb to death there was nobody to take up the role of Count for county Cheydinhal. Once again competition for the post was fierce.

During the proceedings the head of House Grailin at the time was Count Berolius Grailin. Berolius was a close friend a Lord named Cedric Claint. Lord Claint was one of those who was vying for the position. Berolius decided to use the resources of the Grailins to help his friend in his endevour, and as a result Claint became the most likely to recieve rule of Cheydinhal.

This ended when a number of nobles that were attempting to become Count of Cheydinhal were assassinated. Claint met his end at the hands of a Dark Brotherhood assassin. As a result the one who became Count of Cheydinhal was a ruthless noble from the Imperial City named Horvan Erivectes. Berolius was convinced that Erivectes was behind the murders, and sought to bring him, and Lord Claints killer to justice.

Berolius succeeded in the latter of his two goals. The agents of Count Grailin managed to identify the Dark brotherhood assassin responsible for Lord Claint's death through a difficult investigation. However when they tried to arrest the assassin he fought back, and they were forced to slay him. Without the killer the investigation into Erivectes ran dry. In the end Berolius was never able to acquire the evidence needed to topple Count Erivectes. The two Counts remained enemies for the rest of their lives, and when they died the feud was continued by their descendents, and continued into the third century of the Fourth Era.

Notable MembersEdit