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Nordic Ruin
General information



Southwest of Markarth

Notable Citizens

Draugr, Frostbite Spiders, Dragon Priest

Shopping, Lodging, and Events
Important Events

Hjorvenrunn quest of Bloodbeast


Hjorvenrunn [Hyur-ven-run] is an Anicent Nordic Ruin in the 4th game add-on of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Elder Scrolls V: Bloodbeast.

It is a large temple, built primarily in worship of Dragon's at the time. It also stores the Dragon Priest, Arvakin and Staff of Blood, used to save Tamriel from the growing Werewolf threat. The temple is located in the mountains behind Markarth, but a bit back and east. The temple is only accessible in Bloodbeast, and an invisible wall saying: "You cannot go this way." will pop up when you come near the way to the Temple if you don't have Bloodbeast added on. You come to get the Staff of Blood, and return to the Silver Hand camp.'


The Temple has 4 sections, each large with many high leveled enemies, even if you're at a low level (ex. Level 5, you have Level 20 enemies, Level 50, you have Level 81 enemies). Though it also stores much gold, and the Staff of Blood, worth almost 5,000 gold. Let's begin.

First, follow up the trail behind Markarth, around a Forsworn camp, and you will soon find a stone trail with rocks on the sides and you see a large castle looking fort ahead, which is Hjorvenrunn. You keep walking and you will see some Draugr attacks on the way, but this is natural, but there are quite a few. You soon come to the courtyard, with ancient Nordic stuff all around, and two fountains. The large entrance is straight ahead and two other entrances are on add on's to the Temple on the sides. Many Draugr will attack you from sky lines like walkways and bridges which are accessed through the temple. Move on to the door after defeating the Draugr (note: to the far left, walk and there is a Hagraven tent guarded by Draugr Wrights that has a chest with some very good loot, like Health potions and normally Orcish Weapons).


Once you enter, you'll see stairs going down in front of you and you're in a hallway. Right as you look down once going down the stairs, 2 Draugr Scourges will see and attack you, but they are far so if you're a Archer or Assassin, you can make some good sneak shots. Move on, and there is a door to the left of the Draugr's, leading into a small room pair, with a few bookcases. There is a Draugr Scourge and Deathlord in here standing around. Defeat them and move on. You will soon be shot by a Soul Gem shooting powerful frost blasts at you on your way out the room. Loot it and move ahead. Once you exit right, go up the long stairs and open the wooden door on top. You will be in a large Nordic room with many Draugr. There are 3 Draugr Scourges, a Deathlord, and a few skeletons. Defeat them and go up some wood stairs to the right and across the walkway over the room to a large wood door. This will enter Hjorvenrunn Crypts.

Hjorvenrunn CryptsEdit

Once you enter, you are in a long wide hall. Walk down and open another large wooden door into a large room with cages. You will encounter some Skeleton Mages here, weak though and can be killed with any level Steel War Axe at least. You see a Nordic door to the left but needs a key to open. Search the room and you'll find the key on a dead Bandit in one of the cages. Use it and open into a small room with an Alchemy and Enchanting table. You'll see some dead Necromancers, and a Draugr Wright standing in front. He will attack as soon as you open the door, he usually has a Supple Nord Battleaxe with a fire enchantment. Go through a large wooden door straight ahead and you'll be in a large Nordic room that is silent but with a large column in the middle with a Claw Key on a pedistool. Find a way up, but as soon as you walk in the room a few feet, 4 Draugr caskets pop open and some high level ones emerge. Fight though 2 Draugr Scorge's and a Death Overlord (or it's a Deathlord if lower leveled). Loot the Death Overlord for a key through the Expert locked Nord door ahead. Go across the bridge going over the room. Grab the Claw off the Peditstool in the middle, and it will activate many fire shooting traps and arrow traps at you and battering ram traps at your followers if you have any. There is no known way to avoid these. Go across the bridge and use the key from the Death Overlord to open it. You are in a Claw hallway. At the end is a few skeletons and a Restless Draugr. Use the code to open after beating the Draugr and walk up the steps to a large Nordic door leading into a smaller Nordic room. This room has many items. There is a chest with a full ancient Nordic Armor set at the end of the room if you beat all Companions quests, but it has usually Ebony Armor any other time, or lower down depending on level. Exit the room through the right door. Open the left door, and it is a trap with the killer spikes in the small little room, that severely damages your health upon touching at all. So be careful. Enter the right door and walk down a hall right and then head straight. Encounter a Draugr Deathlord and his pet Giant Frostbite Spider and other friend Frostbite Spider. Defeat them and move on. The Deathlord has an Ebony Warhammer with usually a frost enchantment. Head down the hall, there is a Adept locked wood door while walking that's easy to miss, that goes in a small Mage room. There is a dead mage skeleton, and dead Draugr in here a few spell books and an Alchemy and Enchanting table. the skeleton holds a satchel with many good ingredients for potions and such. Head back and down the hall, you see much rubble blocking you from going farther, but the floor breaks under you if you're close enough and you fall into a cave with some water stream through it. You cannot go back up once you fall in (but there are barrels nearby that you can attempt to jump back in on by using a trick). Walk straight and see a cave hall and keep walking and you soon will enter Hjorvenrunn Caves.

Hjorvenrunn CavesEdit

You appear back in the Cave tunnel. Continue through it into a cave labyrinth, with a Nordic table in a fireplace like position straight ahead. Continue through here and 2 Restless Draugr will arise from the coffins aligning the walls. Kill them and get the Common Soul gem from the Table and move through the left tunnel (the right brings you to a chest with small gold and some potions). As you go through it, you will encounter a Frostbite Spider nest, with 2 giant one's and a few regular ones. Go through a tunnel in the northeast of the room and follow right into a seemingly collapsed in Nordic room. A large one, with holes in the ceiling and the walls caved in almost falling on the cave ground. Walk in and 3 Draugr Scourges and a Deathlord will arise from his throne in the center. Defeat them and loot the many chests around with pretty good leveled stuff. In a hole in the ceiling looking out above the ground outside, there is a dead skeleton hanging there in the room. Shoot it with an arrow and it may fall, and it has a journal about the man's adventures and him trying to come to Hjorvenrunn to attain the Staff of Blood. Which he obviously failed. He also has a satchel with some food and gold. The chain to open the cage door is hidden behind a Nordic column in the right of the room. Move on up some stairs to find a dead end where rubble has caved in, enter the small wooden door to the left. You're in a library with many tables and shelves. Walk in some and you will step in a Frost Rune, alerting 2 Draugr Wights, a Scourge, and 2 Deathlords of your entry. Fight them all and kill them. There is a chest behind a bookcase with a few health and stamina potions to heal up after the fight, there is also an Enchanter in the left. Enter the cage door to the northeast of the room, into a long hall with water flowing down it (much like Labyrinthian's entrance to the Thoroughfare) and a wood door is at the end. Open it into Hjorvenrunn Burial Chamber.

Hjorvenrunn Burial ChamberEdit

After you enter through the door, you are in a hallway with water like before. You walk down it and the "door" at the end, once a large wooden door, is blocked and broken apart by rubble. You see a tunnel dug in the wall next to you with a skeever in it and wind blowing through. Kill the two skeever you find and go on. You enter back into a Nordic room with a table or two and a casket with a dead draugr in it. Loot him, to get an Ancient Nordic Axe or sword and some gold. Go on and open the metal door ahead and you are in a huge room filled with glowing orbs and Draugr caskets. Once you walk down the stairs, 6 of the 12 caskets (6 on each wall) will open with Draugr or Draugr Wights. Kill them all, and the other 6 will open with the same number. Once you are done with them, the Draugr Deathlord sitting on the throne in the middle of the room will attack with an Ebony Greatsword or Battleaxe. Be careful, he will disarm you. Kill him and loot the pots sitting around and go through the door straight ahead. You are now in a hallway with some turns. Turn right ahead and you will be noticeable to a Draugr Wight or two standing around. Do what you do best, and continue. There is another hallway on the other side of a hallway with swinging axes to the left, with a treasure chest with major loot. But if you want, stay on the main path and keep down the main hall. There are many tables and cases with potions around. You are getting close. Find yourself at a large wooden door that is locked with a Master lock. You will need to find the key, which is on the body of a dead Draugr Scourge lying against the wall to the left. Go through the door now, or lockpick it, and you are in a large room with tons of caskets lining the walls, and an upstairs with more. They will start breaking in numbers, and attacking you. There are 5 Dragur Wights, 5 Draugr Scourges, 2 Draugr Deathlord, and a possible Draugr Overlord, Draugr Death Overlord, or Restless Draugr (depending on level). Kill them and go on into another room straight ahead, and 2 Draugr caskets will break open with Restless Draugrs, a sign that you are close. There is a hallway hidden nearby to the right, which takes you to a room with a dead bandit, and a Malachite mine. The bandit has a pickaxe on his hand, which he must have been using before he was killed. If you want, stay on the path and move ahead. You find yourself in a garden room with broken down hallways and walkways, and the walls have blood splattered on them, and bandits, Draugr, and Frostbite spiders (which 2 are alive), are lying dead, as if they had a large massacure. Move on through a wooden door hidden behind a fell down nordic walkway, and you are in a long hallway with a Draugr Deathlord at the end. Loot him for a key, and use it to open the large door. 

Once you open the door, you see the final room. You see a casket on a very high rock in the middle of the room, with walkways/bridges with Draugr Scourges walking along them with weapons armed. There is a large skeletal dragon lying in the northeast corner. 4 Dragur Scourges, 3 Draugr Death/Overlords, 5 Draugr Wights, 2 Restless Draugrs will attack, and possibly 3 regular Draugr. After you destroy them, the pathway to the stairs up to the giant rock will open. Go up, and the battle area will enlarge openly, and then Arvakin, will break from his casket and scream. He will start attacking you with his staff, and shooting fire and ice balls. After a long battle, destroy him, loot him for his mask, gold (about 1000), and other stuff, and continue down one of the bridges and through the secret cave tunnel that opened right as you killed Arvakin. Walk down it and you will soon enter back into Hjorvenrunn. 

Once you enter back into Hjorvenrunn, you can exit back out of Hjorvenrunn and make your way back to the Silver Hand hideout.