Hircine's Warriors of Our Land
General Information


Lovellus Hawkhart, Roselia Hawkhart


Sakriva Jairia

Historical Information

Formed from

3E, 432

Notable events


Hircine's Warriors was the official name of the Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht army for about three hundred years. It was founded in the 432nd year of the 3rd Era as a bunch of mercenaries, similar to Cyrodiil's Fighter's Guild. Then, King Lovellus Hawkhart declared them the official army of Ohtyoodtroht Lyrayemnehtdoht. They fought in one war; the war for Daedric freedom.

Ranks Edit

As a band of Mercenaries Edit

When Hircine's Warriors was a band of Mercinaries, they had seven main ranks;

  • Hunter
  • Sky Hunter
  • Honored Hunter
  • Great One
  • Hircine's Chosen
  • Hircine's Champion

As an army Edit

As an army, Hircine's Warriors had eleven main ranks.

  • Recruit
  • Soldier
  • City Guard
  • Sorrowlock Guard
  • Azura Guard
  • Warlord
  • Champion
  • Siege Officer
  • Great Officer
  • Hircine Council
  • Hircine's Sage

Notable Leaders Edit

Lovellus Hawkhart Edit

  • Started Hircine's Warriors
  • Halted Skooma smuggling (Or so he thought)
  • Only leader to use a Mage's staff
  • Noted for ending a rebellion against his wife, the Queen
  • When he passed his position onto his daughter, he declared the band the official army of 'Our Land'.
  • Was leader for twenty-seven years. (3E, 432 - 3E, 459)

Roselia Hawkhart Edit

  • First Sage of the army
  • Lead her army through the War of Daedric freedom
  • Was sage for ten years. (3E, 459 - 3E, 469)

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